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Turning VNC off on KVM VPS
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Turning VNC off on KVM VPS

daviddavid Member
edited October 2012 in Help

I'm used to working with xen, openvz, and vmware. I just got my first KVM VPS from prometeus.

After installing the OS (CentOS 6) I wanted to disable/turn off VNC, since it seems like it's a security risk to leave it enabled all the time. I can turn it off in the SolusVM settings, but after I do that and reboot, it doesn't boot anymore.

Any idea how I can disable VNC and still let the VPS boot? Does everybody just leave it enabled all the time? 8 character VNC passwords would be relatively easy to brute force.


  • I keep VNC enabled only during OS installation.

    I have a KVM with Prometeus as well. I always disabled VNC after install, no problem at all.

    Maybe something else's the matter with your VPS ... ?

  • Interesting... Maybe it's something with CentOS. Are you running CentOS 6?

  • No ... I'm running Debian 6 x86 . :(

    Are you sure turning off VNC was the only thing you changed before rebooting (that rendered the VPS unbootable) ?

    Thanked by 1david
  • Yeah, I just tried it again. I rebooted, logged in & out fine, then turned off VNC from SolusVM and rebooted again, and it's dead (not even pingable). It does show as online from SolusVM, though.

  • kvm with prometeus and vnc turned off, no problem here too. Using debian squeeze.

    Thanked by 1david
  • @david perhaps your centos build doesn't boot if it doesn't see a console attached. perhaps google for "headless" centos advice...

    Thanked by 1david
  • Thanks for the ideas. I compared the grub.conf file to the grub.conf file on a xen vps and found 2 extra lines. After removing these 2 lines, it's able to boot with VNC turned off:


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