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Spammed By LimestoneNetworks - Page 3
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Spammed By LimestoneNetworks



  • Nope, not you @24khost

  • netomxnetomx Moderator, Veteran

    I think as @vdnet

  • @Nick_A said: Haha, I actually signed up with ColoCrossing for MCLayer thanks to Jon's "solicitations." Not a bad move on my part, just ironic.

    Mine was not from Jon, mine was from Chuck. Seems that its pretty common for ColoCrossing then :)

  • @netomx It was not a big deal to recieve one. It was the fact that i posted it and they started throwing a huge fit and threatening to sue that made it interesting.

    @Cheif I heard the DMCA was recieved. Care Posting it?

  • Nick_ANick_A Member, Top Host, Host Rep

    @LV_Matt said: Mine was not from Jon, mine was from Chuck. Seems that its pretty common for ColoCrossing then :)

    Guess they wanted our business more...

    Just kidding! (Seriously)

  • I am really surprised by how limestone handled this situation.

  • Or hasn't handled it actually.'

  • @Jack and who suggested limestone was attacking LET. @Nexus was talking about another thread where he was talking about the guys selling servers were apart of a hacking group.

  • @Zen first shots fired, and oh my lord the fireworks have started. People saying there adding Limestone to thier shit list.

  • @Zen wasn't me.

  • I doubt LSN would attack an site but such public releases could have been dealt privately and resolved much easier then globally posting it and considered an attempt to ruin another business.

    From what I've been told(from my old account specialist who I keep in touch with), the sales guy emailed you after doing research into your company and then sending an email with a promotion that you may be interested in as a possible "good" client. But then again this could be considered as unsolicited spam.

  • @StormVZ I figured they were a big enough comapny they didn't need to market like this. Tha was all this started out to be. When they started threatening legal action that is when things changed.

  • Kris Anderson

    To the community:

    As I have already apologized to the Original Poster (OP) via email regarding him receiving the original email from us, I wanted to also address the community as it seems those apologies have not been shared.

    We publicly apologize to the OP for our company emailing them directly to introduce ourselves. Per the first email I received from you in which you invoked your right to not be contacted, we have made sure no Limestone Networks employee will reach out to you in the future by adding you to the opt-out list.

    In addition to the company’s apology, I personally apologize for the manner in which I requested that the email from the individual in our Sales department be removed from your original post. In foresight I see how the request could have been viewed as cold and directed. That’s what I get for responding to an email while in the middle of writing up policies and procedures. My request could have been worded much better and lead to a quicker resolution of this issue before it had escalated.

    It is always our goal to provide exceptional service whether you are a client of ours or not. We are constantly working on establishing better introduction methods that allow that service level to shine through without upsetting people like the OP. This is why we never purchase email lists, bulk email, or blindly reach out to potential clients. We only contact companies that we believe could truly benefit from the services we provide, and only attempt that contact once.

    We thank everyone for the criticism provided, as this community has always been a great resource as we continue to grow and fine-tune our services and business operations.

    My response

    I accepted your apology. I did not down talk your company. The only thing I down talked was the way in which the situation was handled such as DMCA Take Down Notices, and Legal threats.

    I don't know if you expected me to just back down. I know a thing or 2 and am not a newbie. You pushed the limit when you made the threat of legal action. That is why this thread was started, more as a way to open people's eyes, not to hurt limestone. As I said I have heard nothing but good things about

    your company. I just don't agree with the business tactics that are used.

    I deal with many different datacenters and have never been approached in this manner. One of the members of another forum said he had been contacted through his contact form on another occasion.

    This may not have been the prettiest way to learn this but hopefully your new policies can transfer down to the sales department and they can learn from this situation.

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  • Just an FYI for all you guys, it is spelled Chief not Cheif *

  • Nice picture of you. :P

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  • Lol nice article hey @Chief can you post the takedown notice?

  • NexusNexus Member
    edited October 2012

    And they filed a complaint to imageshack to remove a photo that was from their "public" facebook profile? Haha Sauce

    I mean I don't want to beat the dead horse, but el oh el...


    Sometimes it's best for companies to act just a "little" humble, don't ya think?

  • @Zen You did see the post i made that showed her community apology correct? just for updating purposes.

  • @Zen thanks!

  • @Chief said: Being dragged out of bed at 4:30am....

    But think of all the traffic ;)

  • @miTgiB @Chief said: Being dragged out of bed at 4:30am....

    When did he say this?

  • @24khost said: When did he say this?

    8 posts above this one? Reading, is fundamental.

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  • @miTgiB Missed it thank you.

  • MaouniqueMaounique Host Rep, Veteran

    Well, I am sure a few heads will roll at LSN and quite rightly so.
    I think the apology was clear and the problem is somewhat closed for me.
    I guess an idea won tonight, and I think it was worth it :)
    Good night ppl.

  • well this was a intresting read :D
    i never bother with reading whole threads but
    this one was to intresting to just skip :p

  • eastonch said "I find that with you posting the entire e-mail is breaking their little "privacy" statement at the bottom" and "Curious about the legal rammifications; how can they send you a agreement that you're automatically agreeing too, without any preior knowledge?"

    They can't.

    If you don't have an existing contractual or business relationship with the email sender you are under no legal obligation to keep the email's content confidential...especially when the email was sent from a company you've never done business with or contacted.

    The DMCA they sent to Colo was bogus. Using the DMCA to try to prevent public criticism of a company's business practices is a violation of the DMCA law.

    I'd file a DMCA counterclaim. After you file the counterclaim they have 14 days to get a court order/sue you and if they don't you can put the email back up and unless they have a braindead lawyer who's trying to rack up fees there is no way they'd sue you because the odds of them winning are slim to nil. See

    The odds of me ever considering using them again (I used them from early 2008 to late 2011) if I ever need a US dedicated server are also nil because I don't do business with company's that try to suppress complaints/free speech by abusing the DMCA).

    edit: I already posted this next suggestion on LEB but when you receive a bogus DMCA submit it to ChillingEffects so it can be preserved in public view of googlebot for all eternity. :)

  • @domainbop that was my point, but without the points mentioned ^^.

  • DMCA Update

    @Maounique said: I think the apology was clear and the problem is somewhat closed for me.

    We are yet to receive any apology from LimeStoneNetworks. It's all just public fluff, perhaps 24KHost received an apology however we have not.

    Thanked by 3Randy jcaleb Nexus
  • This is really disappointing, i will never suggest LSN to anyone again or even get servers from LSN again in the future.

    @24khost, glad you got an apology from them

    Thanked by 1mojeda
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