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KVM automatical installation
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KVM automatical installation


I am finding a help. I had a problem when creating new KVV VPS. As Openvz, it is installed its OS.

I dont know how to install its OS and assign its IP.

I am using Whmcs and Proxmox module of modulesgarden.

Thanks a lot.


  • You need to use a KVM template, an ISO will require manually setup through the install wizard of the OS.

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  • Yes, i know. But use template. I cant setup IP instantly.
    Do you have any way???

  • @ggsmarket xài Virtualizor đi bạn. Nó auto hết. Sử dụng Proxmox VE phải rành config. Virtualizor cũng support sẵn WHMCS.

  • VereloxVerelox Member

    You'll have to setup the interfaces file manually. For example, if you use Debian, you will have to edit /etc/network/interfaces to configure your network interface. Here's how it should look like assuming the interface is eth0:

    auto lo
    iface lo inet loopback
    auto eth0
    iface eth0 inet static
    address {VM_IP_Address}
    netmask {Netmask}
    broadcast {VM_IP_Address}
    post-up route add {Gateway} dev eth0
    post-up route add default gw {Gateway}
    post-down route del {Gateway} dev eth0
    post-down route del default gw {Gateway}

    P.S You will have to restart the networking service afterwards for the changes to take place:

    service networking restart

    If you would like to automate this process, you can do so by simply editing /var/lib/vz/private/{ContainerID}/etc/network/interfaces and adding the correct configuration inside. If you use a database, you can fetch the IP address and other details from there, for example. Afterwards, restart the networking service for the changes to take place:

    vzctl exec {ContainerID} service networking restart

  • @Verelox said:
    vzctl exec {ContainerID} service networking restart

    Are you sure it's for KVM? vzctl is an OpenVZ tool.

  • VereloxVerelox Member

    @PetaByet Extremely sorry! Looks like I misread the original post, I think what caused the confusion is this part, but I think I had to pay more attention to the thread title:

    As Openvz, it is installed its OS

    In this case, you might follow the same steps, but instead of using vzctl to do the tasks, use something like guestfs to download the network file from the img file (i.e if you use virtio), apply the edits then upload it back into the VM disk image. Here's an example:

    guestfish --rw -i -a {pathtodiskimg} download /etc/network/interfaces interfaces 
    #apply the changes in this line (i.e you may use sed, echo, nano, and the like)
    guestfish --rw -i -a {pathtodiskimg} upload interfaces /etc/network/interfaces
    rm -r -f interfaces

    Where {pathtodiskimg} is the path to the ".img" file of the KVM. More information about guestfish can be found here.

    Thanks for catching the error!

  • JyleeJylee Member, Host Rep

    maybe you can try dhcp.

  • trewqtrewq Administrator, Patron Provider

    DHCP is probably the way to go. It's going to be much easier to manage.

  • norival1992norival1992 Member
    edited May 2015

    jazz1611 said: @ggsmarket xài Virtualizor đi bạn. Nó auto hết. Sử dụng Proxmox VE phải rành config. Virtualizor cũng support sẵn WHMCS.

    Thanks nha, mình đã nghiên cứu ra r`. Đang ngâm thêm để hoàn thiện và đang tiến hành tích hợp vào WHMCS :D

    @Verelox : I am using DHCP for instant assigning IP for VPS as well.
    We are trying to make WHMCS plugin for this new project. It is loading with 50%

    @Jylle @trewq: thanks alot

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