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How do I know which location is best for me?
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How do I know which location is best for me?

libro22libro22 Member
edited October 2011 in General

I'm trying to choose between two locations, I am comparing their average ping and pathping hop results. I don't know if those tests are enough. I am from Southeast Asia.


Average = 331ms;
Pathping # of hops = 9


Average = 187ms;
Pathping # of hops = 10

I'm not quite sure if those info are relevant at all, too.


  • USA looks a lot better for you

  • libro22 said: AZ, USA:

    Average = 187ms; Pathping # of hops = 10

    Lucky you :-) You are in a much better place than I am!

  • Depend's what your using it for, for instance if it was a webserver you would want it closer to your target audience.

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  • Might as well check download speeds, although with ping differences like that, more than likely you'll get better speeds to the AZ one.

  • +1 for what VMPort says as it all depends. I went with a Germany VPS as they seem to like IRCs more than others only to discover that some websites block German IP addresses so it was all moot.

  • I see, thanks for your input everyone!

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