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Any Cheap/Free SMS monitoring Service like Pingdom??
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Any Cheap/Free SMS monitoring Service like Pingdom??

fresher_06fresher_06 Member
edited September 2012 in General

Hi All,

Are there any Cheap/Free SMS monitoring Service like Pingdom. I had the free account on pingdom and now the 20 SMS alerts are getting over .. any cheap/free substitute..


  • Just forward your email alerts to your SMS email.

  • gbshousegbshouse Member, Host Rep


  • Buting58Buting58 Member
    edited September 2012

    @gbshouse said: UptimeRobot

    if you have a smartphone, you will get their email notifications!

    edit: you can also use something like IFTTT to get SMS as well

  • Clickatell are cheap, find a free monitoring service that supports http calls (Pingdom does I think)

  • Is it just me, or does this question get asked 2-3 times a week?

  • Smartphone : Using push email to your phone ?
    Old Age Cell : Using twitter alert just like uptimerobot, then using twitter SMS for your phone... So anytime you have downtime, you'll get a twitter post, and you have notification through your twitter SMS.. :D

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