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Need help on allocating resources on Impact VPS
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Need help on allocating resources on Impact VPS


I just bought VDR4 from Impact VPS. It allows creating multiple VPS from the available resources.

When you create a new VPS, it asks to allocate the right amount of resources.

CPU Cores
CPU Weight
Disk Space

I need some recommendations on SWAP (double of RAM all the time?) and CPU Weight.



  • It depends on what you want the VPS for.

  • Swap = RAM should be plenty. If you need more swap than that, you need more RAM :)

  • This is the response I received from Alex, who runs Impact VPS.

    The SWAP being double the RAM isn't typically required anymore. You can put whatever you want for CPU weight, that is being phased out.

    I guess I will go with that.

  • NomadNomad Member

    What you're asking is more likely an application spesific question. Generally twice the ram rule is not needed.

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