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Any good payment gateway for personal developer?
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Any good payment gateway for personal developer?

seikanseikan Member

I'm currently using PayPal express checkout to receive payment from my client. May I know if there any alternative payment gateway for personal?

I tried 2Checkout but they seems like need a business registration.


  • Stripe, if you can get the github student pack you get $1000 with no fees as well.

  • @SNetworks1 Thanks for the clue, I will look into it.

  • If you are on one of the Stripe countries, yeah, use it, I'm jealous of not being on one of those countries because I can't use their API :p

    And Github Student Pack really provides you with some awesome tools you can use.

  • KBVEKBVE Member

    I remember the github student pack also gave you a SSL cert too and a free .ME domain;

    You can also use Bitpay with to accept Cryptocurrencies (like 20 of them).

  • jhjh Member

    Not sure on Braintree's policy wrt personal accounts but they're giving away £30k in free transactions and they're not on a banning spree.

  • deadbeefdeadbeef Member
    edited April 2015


  • I just found ut Stripe is not supporting my country. That's bad.

  • Amazon payments?

  • perennateperennate Member, Host Rep

    @seikan can you clarify what you're looking for that Paypal isn't accomplishing for you?

  • @perennate Some of the clients insist no using PayPal, and some of them do not have PayPal in their country. So I have to look alternatives.

  • TrafficTraffic Member
    edited April 2015

    You can also process cards with Skrill. A few years ago they asked for docs if I remember well - not sure now.

  • ricardoricardo Member
    edited April 2015

    Transferwise has great rates, straight to a bank account.

  • ClouviderClouvider Member, Patron Provider

    We found Stripe and Braintree to be particularly developer friendly.

  • Every payment gateway has it's pros and cons. Stripe is no exception as you need to be from a few countries in order to signup for it. You have to realize though that these restrictions are in some ways good because they're trying to keep a good relationship with the credit companies (Visa, American Express, Mastercard, etc). Out of these payment gateways which ones aren't you eligible for?

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