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24/7 Proxy Rental - $1 per 2 Proxies per Month
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24/7 Proxy Rental - $1 per 2 Proxies per Month

kristalkristal Banned
edited October 2011 in Offers

24/7, 99.99% uptime, 100mbps port, private proxy rental, 1$ per 2 proxies per month

anyone interested ? :)


  • Not really considering we all have at least 1 vps I would think.

    And this probably should be under the offers section.

  • Locations?

  • kristalkristal Banned
    edited October 2011

    location, europe - germany, but if there will b high demand i may do usa scranton.
    10gb per month per 2 proxy = 5gb per month per proxy

  • And what kind of proxy?

    Your marketing isn't being good enough.

  • im sorry, kinda new at this but thought it could be a good idea, its a sock4a/sock5 proxy, no authentication

  • SimplyfastSimplyfast Member
    edited October 2011

    yomero said: Your marketing isn't being good enough.

    His profile also...

  • yeah... no.

  • @Simplyfast: whats wrong with my profile ? yours is worse

    anyway what does a profile has to do with anything lol silly

  • SimplyfastSimplyfast Member
    edited October 2011

    Watch your activity mate, at least try to use less bad language :)
    Take it as advise, don't take amiss.

  • I am a "cocky noob".. and dunno wtf is that...

  • Honestly, if I needed a proxy you can sure I wouldn't pay for one someone else owned. Though I wouldn't mind adding some free tunnels to the chain. ;)

  • The proxy owner could be logging requests too :|

  • There are unlimited traffic VPNs for 1$/month or even free, so 10GB is ridiculous.

  • I'm not sure you want to be liable for what someone does using your proxies...

  • kristalkristal Banned
    edited October 2011

    @albertdb: its for browsing and whoreing on the net lol its not for heavy downloads nor booting.
    @Kairus: that is not a problem, proxies are not logged and are non-transparent anonymous.

    i also got an increased bandwidth 100-200gb per month proxies available too, higher price tho, please contact me for details.

  • I don't trust him, he just wants money

  • kristalkristal Banned
    edited October 2011

    @xprotocept: that is very shallow of u. And a really mean thing to say about someone who u dont know. you shouldnt be so negative. Please before saying your opinion, try the service first.

    Im legit, ive traded vpses before, ask @kiloserve and @kuro.

    and of course i want money, dont we all?! why else do u think im trying to sell anything? to make some money obviously. but please note, a very important fact is that i want money in a legal, fair way, customer satisfaction is my priority - or your money back.

  • kiloservekiloserve Member
    edited October 2011

    @Kristal is right, I had a great VPS transaction...paid my money and got the VPS fast. Kristal was very helpful and courteous.

  • please check @ pm ;)

  • I'd take a UK one at that price.

  • xprotoceptxprotocept Member
    edited October 2011



    I believe you, and i'm sorry about what i've said

  • kristalkristal Banned
    edited November 2011

    still selling :-) now double the bandwidth :)

  • banned?

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