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Longest Serving VPS Company - Serious Buisness - Page 2
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Longest Serving VPS Company - Serious Buisness



  • @yomero you got any suggestions what host are you on?

  • davidnz said: @auroraz you got any suggestions

    Never mind won't waste my typing.

    Thanked by 1drmike
  • Nobody will give you 2GB for $7 without HEAVY overselling or scamming you.
    I have used lots of providers (like 15 or more). And only two or maybe three of them have given me decent experiences.

    IMHO, if you have 'serious business'. spend your money in rackspace, linode or a dedicated.

  • Hostigation, Linode, BuyVM, GoWEB, Kiloserve > eNetSouth

  • Let's see..., looks like I started using them around December of 2005., first bill was 09/03/2004

    There was someone else before I started using Rimu, can't remember just who off hand. Not that these are low-end providers - You're not going to find providers of an unsustainable business model still around 6 years later.

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