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SEO Tools
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SEO Tools

What are some good tools for SEO? I'm not looking for myths and strategies, just tools to help us monitor everything. Moz is one, but I'm not sure if it's worth the $99 a month.


  • paid option gives deeper & more results but it has limitation too.

    SEO means combines factors included like Backlinks, Domain Age, Traffic, Organic SEO etc., You have to check multiple seo tools to get overall rank.


  • I signed up for their free plan, I really like their panel.

  • If you join up to some of the Facebook SEO groups, a lot of people seem to share accounts for Moz/ahrefs/majestic so you don't have to pay the full fee. This works best if you chip in towards one of the more expensive packages as you get more credits per $.

    I'd recommend Majestic of the 3, ahrefs second.

  • @Steven_F Moz is pretty helpful for $99/mo if you compare it to actually hiring someone who knows what they're doing. To get the most out of it, you need to actually read/watch videos/implement fixes/etc.

    If you just want to like.. track rankings and stuff, use something like SERPWoo - which I think is $20-ish/mo for a couple hundred keywords and it tracks competitor movement as well.

    Ahrefs is for checking out your/competitor links. The free plan is very limited and I think the pro plan is like $79/mo. Check out Majestic - - I'm pretty sure they give you all link data (that they can crawl) for free on a couple domains if you can verify ownership.

    If you're willing to do all of the work yourself then go with Moz and dedicate some time to learning & implementing their suggestions, reading their blog & watching webinars. If not, then you're better off hiring an agency who knows what they're doing, but that's at least the cost of a full time employee each month. (source: I run an internet marketing agency)

  • ztecztec Member

    Moz is a very good and stable tool for most needs. I added ahrefs because their index is just the best I know of. Majestic didn't feel as smooth as the other prementioned tools but I think they have everything as well.

    I can check some stuff for you but if you really need the tools and have a pretty good idea how to use them I'd recommend just to buy them for yourself.

  • personally i'm using to check website rankings.

    apart from this website,i'll do more on page optimization.

    suggest you to take care of on page optimization rather than offpage.

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