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Help required - Project related to server/network monitoring
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Help required - Project related to server/network monitoring

gtraxgtrax Member
edited April 2015 in Help

Guys help required and also some expertise if available.
Looking to build a server / network monitoring service with online access. something like nodequery but looking to use it for with in a country. I have been using services like nodequery and others as well for all my servers even local and international but looking to start a project.
Infrastructure would not be a problem, the development is the issue so need some feedback and recommendations.


  • raindog308raindog308 Administrator, Veteran

    I really don't understand what you're asking here. Are you asking what programming languages/platforms/libraries/etc. to use for your project? How to hire developers? How to license your code? git vs svn? All you give us is "the development is the issue" but that doesn't really tell us what you are asking for help with.

    If you frame some specific questions you will get answers.

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  • I could find a open source project if you need a system monitor. Could you describe more specific ?

    Thanked by 1ehab
  • gtraxgtrax Member

    @raindog308 well as I commented infrastructure and management is not the issue so here the development means programming and everything linked to it (language,platform,libraries - all related to programming and software development).
    For that purpose I gave the example of nodequery.
    Looking for suggestion from those who have a practical idea of handling such project or have a reference to someone who can help.

  • FrankZFrankZ Veteran

    @gtrax - Are you offering points, payment, or a ongoing job?

  • gtraxgtrax Member

    @FrankZ I am first looking for a person who is capable of doing what is mentioned above. Or who already has something that is required and white label it for me.
    Everything else comes after that.

    Thanked by 1FrankZ
  • What country? Is this for your own use or something you want to market as a commercial service within that country?

  • FrankZFrankZ Veteran
    edited April 2015

    gtrax said: white label it for me

    Your man for white label is @NodePing

  • You mention NodeQuery. Have you emailed them? On the bottom of their page, they specifically say that if you have an interest in partnering with them to contact them:

  • UrDNUrDN Member

    Please stop using your dirty things.

  • gtraxgtrax Member

    @Nodeping at the moment it will be a community server portal providing service to local users so not a lot of international querying to start of with. But in future I will look for a commercial purpose but that depends if local clientele is up for it so that is where financial limitation comes so that is why looking for someone who know how it is done for community and later how to make it commercial. FrankZ told me that you are the right person, we can discuss it if you can.
    @FrankZ thanks for the reference bro.
    @UrDN what can I say brother about your comment? :) but will have a look at munin..

  • gtraxgtrax Member

    Till now looks like only Nodeping is available to have a solution.
    Please guys come up with some recommendations. Should look into some alternative as well.

  • vfusevfuse Member, Host Rep

    You can take a look the product i've been working on, it's still in beta tho.

  • gtraxgtrax Member

    @vfuse Okay bro, sure I will have a look. I am also looking for something which will be a community product like a free service in start until we can bring in some finance to go commercial.
    I will drop you a private message :)

  • gtraxgtrax Member

    Guys pitch in please. Need some feedback and help.

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