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Small idea, but not sure about the practicality.
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Small idea, but not sure about the practicality.

SimpleNodeSimpleNode Member
edited September 2012 in General

Server with 8 port RAID card. 6x 128GB SSDs in RAID 0. Server also has 2x 1TB HDDs in mdadm or hardware RAID1. A scheduled script will copy all data from the RAID 0 array to the HDDs every, say, 30 minutes. These will be "delta", so only changes are copied.

Practicality of this? Who would buy a VPS with this setup just for the insane I/O?

(OS would be on the RAID1 array)

We'll probably never do this, but I'm wondering.


  • jarjar Patron Provider, Top Host, Veteran

    If you'd throw in 32 CPU cores I would ;)

  • That is going to be one heck of a setup! Expensive. Only issue, RAID 0. If that is the case, why not throw 8 WD on raid0? Cheaper and almost same quality?

  • Nick_ANick_A Member, Top Host, Host Rep

    Even I have to ask what the point of that would be?... Insane I/O can be accomplished in much simpler (ironic) ways.

  • Just built this in Incero's order form...

    Turns out 8x 128GB SSDs in hardware RAID 10 is cheaper.


  • I prefer a RAID 10 of SSD's instead of RAID 0, just 4 SSD's needed.
    Add 2 hardrives in RAID 1 for backups and extra (but slow and reliable) storage to your user's.

  • Just an idea - if you put the 6x SSDs in software RAID0, and the 2X1T HDDs on the hardware RAID card - most probably overall everything will be faster.

  • pcanpcan Member
    edited September 2012

    The Raid card will be the bottleneck; I guess you will hardly get more than the performance of a single SSD. If you are seeking for the highest possible disk througput, go for a Pci express SSD card; you will avoid the SATA/SAS interface bottleneck. Regarding the data protection, at the moment I found no conclusive proof that a enterprise SSD drive is less reliable than a Raid controller chip, so Raid 0 could be a viable option.

  • Good Enterprise PCI-E SSD are expensive, at least $5/GB.

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