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Selling a domain safely
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Selling a domain safely

DeorDeor Member
edited October 2011 in General

Hi All, just after a little advice. Someone has made me an offer to buy a domain name I currently own. Once we strike a deal, whats the best way to safely transfer the domain and make sure i get my cash? Never done it before so i thought id ask the experts (or at least you lot ;) )


  • I have never done so..It clearly depends to whom you are selling it and the price.

  • Selling to someone i don't know who contacted me via the registrar i use. So, basically I want to see the cash in my account before i transfer the domain. Does anyone use 3rd party escrow services for this sort of thing?

  • FranciscoFrancisco Top Host, Host Rep, Veteran


    Escrow is used heavily for domain purchases. There is fee's involved but usually the person buying will cover those. Escrow goes like this:

    • buyer puts money into escrow's account
    • seller puts goods in escrows control
    • escrow handles the exchange

    Be sure to use a reputable escrow provider as it's very common for scam artists to setup fake sites for such things. There was some beautiful reverse trollings that have happened to people trying to scam mac books.

    Laugh, it's hilarious.


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  • Will this help you?

  • I've used the escrow services of SEDO in the past and went smooth as silk

  • Thanks for the input folks and I loved the powerbook link Francisco, cheered up a dull morning at work!

    A deal has been struck for my domain to the satisfaction of both parties :)

  • Damn, too long to read, I will bookmark it xD

  • Old, but great read! thanks Francisco :)

  • so in the end that Guy Jeff from the story was murdered by the scammer?

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