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Cloud3K: $6 for 1GB for our SIX YEAR ANNIVERSARY
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Cloud3K: $6 for 1GB for our SIX YEAR ANNIVERSARY

vdnetvdnet Member
edited September 2012 in Offers

Cloud3K is a new subsidiary under RockMyWeb & Subsidiaries. We have designed a platform that makes it easy to buy servers for cheap and upgrade them as needed. Cloud3K maintains servers in four datacenters across the USA.

RockMyWeb is celebrating our six year anniversary and offering incredible discounts on our already low-priced cloud servers.

What are cloud servers?

Our cloud servers run VPSGrid, a custom platform for Virtuozzo-based systems. From your end, you will not notice a difference except for better uptime and performance. On the backend, however, VPSGrid does the following:
1. Creates a live backup of your server ensuring data will not be lost in the event of hardware failures.
2. Monitors servers for downtime and uses the live backup in case of failure, protecting your server from long periods of downtime.
3. Balances load between physical servers making sure you have the available CPU and RAM your server demands!


First you must order a package, below, to create your virtual server. Then you can instantly add or remove upgrades using our control panel. Upgrades are charged daily but prorated hourly so you only pay for what you need at the time. If you expect lots of traffic, you can go to the control panel and instantly boost your server.

RAM/CPU Upgrade: 512MB RAM + 500MHz Guaranteed CPU
$3.50/month (11.7 cents per day)

Disk Upgrade: 25GB Disk + 30 IOPS
$3.50/month (11.7 cents per day)

Base Packages

We offer two base packages. Our Private Cloud Server is our low end box service starting at just $5.95 with our special! If you need more, you can always upgrade to our vDedicated package or add RAM or Disk space on the fly through our control panel.

Private Cloud Server
50GB Disk Space
4-CPUs Burstable
$7.95 / mo ($5.95 with SIXYEAR coupon)

We offer packages in our four datacenters including the Chicago, New York, and Las Vegas areas.


Using the SIXYEAR coupon on the order form will save you $2.00/month on any of our packages on

High Performance

Dedicated CPU: We give more dedicated and burstable CPU than any provider with similar pricing.

SSD Powered: Our servers use a RAID10 cached with SSD for high performance reads and writes. Our servers are geared to handle 1000s of IOPS as compared to a single hard drive which can only handle 100.

Visit us today at, use our contact form for more information if you have questions.


  • Indiana, hmm? I may consider that, I'm in the Indy metro (Carmel).

  • @vdnet You should remove offer with price > $7.

  • My fault, I pasted from our other ad. I will remove the vDedicated offer.

  • @vdnet did you receive my pm bro?

  • Yes, in the process of replying.

    Thanked by 1Taz
  • Aweome! Thank you :)

  • FYI: "We do not permit illegal files (obviously), public proxy servers, or any IRC related hosting."

  • Yes, we do not permit public proxies or IRC related hosting. Our definition of a public proxy is a proxy in which anyone from the internet can use to mask their IP address. We have no issue with private proxy servers.

  • What about private IRC server?

  • We are hesitant to have anything IRC related on our systems. We allowed IRC for the first two years of our hosting and received about 5x the amount of DOS attacks because of it.

  • I understand, as a IRC user since '98 I know how this DDoS problem has destroyed some providers. Just wanted to check. ;)

  • Can you please add Datacenter test ip addresses and/or download file tests to your offer please.


  • Hello,

    Please visit

    You can find test IPs and test files in each location description, as well as use our speedtest tool to test all the networks from your computer in one test.

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