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Mumble server issues
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Mumble server issues

dempomdempom Member
edited September 2012 in Help

Preface: I am a server admin novice.

I am having problems with my mumble server that I am running on an Ubuntu VPS. Every once in a while, voice quality drops with speech sounding stuttery with dropped syllables. This can last anywhere from a few seconds to 1-2 minutes. In some instances, all users lose connection with the server but are able to automatically reconnect within 10 seconds.

I have kept an open SSH connection during these instances of instability and the SSH connection never gets reset/dropped.

This instability can occur even when I am the only user on the server.

I have tried two separate VPS providers. One was a VPS with 256 MB dedicated and an additional 256 MB w/ burst and the other was a VPS with 512 MB dedicated w/ another 512 MB burst. Both VPS providers have good reputations on this forum so I am assuming its not a problem on their end.

Has anyone ever experienced similar issues? Any troubleshooting steps that I should try?


  • I run a few Teamspeak 3 servers and random voice quality drops will occur once in a while. It's most likely due to the node being DDoSed and there isn't anything you can do about it.

    btw you are throwing money out of the windows, Mumble might also work properly with 32 or 64 mb RAM.

  • [@gsrdgrdghd said] btw you are throwing money out of the windows, Mumble might also work properly with 32 or 64 mb RAM.

    Yeah, I am thinking doing more things on the server once I get mumble settled. I figured it would be easier to troubleshoot one thing at a time.

  • How does mumble like to work with Burst ram? I know Java hates looking at the stuff.

    Maybe set a memory limit to 100MB, see if you can acheive any change; otherwise; do "htop" or something and watch for any spikes when voice quality starts degrading, is it periodic? Is it on a set interval or just completely random?

  • try both teamspeak and murmur on the same node and play some music on teamspeak. If ts has problems in the same time with mumble it is must likely the VPS. Watch memory usage as suggested also, +CPU, especially wa. It might be some node problem after all.

  • Thanks for all the help, and a special hats off to kairus who helped me in PM.

    I moved my murmur database into a tmpfs and all of the instability issues disappeared. My assumption is that the previous instability was disk i/o related.

  • flyfly Member
    edited September 2012

    oh wow. that must be some bad disk overselling or something then.

  • @fly

    I don't know enough about VPS's to say that.

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