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"Why Linode Sucks" - A Personal Rant - Page 4
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"Why Linode Sucks" - A Personal Rant



  • OliverOliver Member, Host Rep

    @KuJoe said: Hardware age != company quality.

    That's true, but if your applications are CPU bound and your provider can't move you to systems that are more powerful then that weighs against them when it comes to service quality.

    This is the problem I'm running into with Rackspace. Even with newly provisioned Cloud Servers they are using the same processors as the old ones.

  • From Linode.


    In each of our datacenters, we only peer with the datacenter provider's network and rely on their peering with other network service providers. Because of this, we are unable to directly route traffic around issues ourselves and must rely on our datacenter providers to do so.

    As soon as we noticed today's issue, we contacted our Atlanta datacenter provider and they notified us that they were already working on resolving the problem with the bad peer. Establishing that line of communication is always our top priority so that we can communicate this to our customers via our status blog and any opened support tickets.

    I do understand that you are frustrated and I greatly apologize for the downtime you experienced. This type of partial outage is rare and we always put in our hardest effort to resolve them as soon as we can.

    If you have any other questions or need any other assistance, please do not hesitate to let us know.


  • what.

  • @hornet that sounds kinda.. reasonable.

  • Oh what a good read this thread was from the archives..

    $6k to host this site? WTF?

    Seriously, lots of providers must be on expensive drugs. Certainly not living in reality.

    Linnode sucks. Any company that 24 hour nulls IPs should be avoided.

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