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wrhotonwrhoton Member
edited September 2012 in Offers

YDGH has been in business for over 3 years providing fast reliable VPS's. We also just launched


TCVPS features Live Chat Support/Phone Support and 24 hour Ticket Support. And plans starting from $14/year

We allow most anything that is legal. Including but not limited to IRC and VPN.

OpenVZ - Dallas Deal

Dallas Servers are hosted at CoreXchange

2 Cores
512MB RAM - Guaranteed
30GB HDD - Raid Protected
1000GB Transfer /mo on 100Mbit port
2 x IP4
$3.33 / mo (Paid monthly!!)

Coupon Code: LEB - This promo adds 3 months free on annual deals!

Since there is no option in our billing system for this we will manually add the 3 months to clients accounts when they use this promo code and pay annually.


- Chicago
- Dallas
- Los Angeles


And you have access via SolusVM through your browser to reinstall these OS's.



  • MaouniqueMaounique Host Rep, Veteran

    Wow, this is cheap :o

  • PacketVMPacketVM Member, Host Rep

    Bug on the checkout form. For addons such as IP's, weekly, 3 yearly etc show $0.00 as the price.

  • @dominicl

    Q: Do you give refunds?

    A: No we do not give refunds at all.

    Thanked by 1Taylor
  • PacketVMPacketVM Member, Host Rep

    @Taz_NinjaHawk: Can you stop mocking me, please? I've stopped that. The end.

  • emilvemilv Member
    edited September 2012

    What kind of hardware (cpu hdd setup etc...) are you using?

    Chicago out of stock?

  • LAKidLAKid Member
    edited September 2012

    3 locations? but only one of them has stock.
    Why showing 3 i.p's?
    It's not like you sold out from this promo, you never had any stock from the biginning.

  • YDGH Is the parent company and has been in business 3 years. Chx/La rarely have stock. Maybe once a month~

    We use quadcore xeon 3330, with 8gb ram , raid, and 10-15krpm drives (As a minimum)

  • Also, whoever I just missed in chat 30 minutes ago I apologize. I sat down my head phones and did not hear the notification.

  • How about not advertising the places that you don't have stock, this has become a normal practice for you guys as a kind of bait and switch to get people on your site. You used to do this all the time on WHT with YDGH, extremely annoying. You setup some great deal but its only ever available on your cheapest hardware and bandwidth... and as you said, rarely is there an opportunity to get a server in one of the other locations. This alone is the main reason I would refuse to do business with your company.

    If others are like me, they probably prefer to choose the location they would like to host their server at, especially if you are going to give the options in your offer and on the site. If you are not going to stock the other locations, do not advertise them, and remove them from the site until you have stock. There is no need for location test ips for locations no one will never be able to purchase a server at to begin with.

    My 2 cents.

    Thanked by 1Taylor
  • risharderisharde Patron Provider, Veteran

    I like the idea of the IRC, I will bookmark you guys for future buys when I get my new job lol

  • @TheLinuxBug it is possible to get a server in Chicago and LA..... Dallas is not the cheapest we just have more capacity there right now, and actually it's better hardware than Chicago and LA.... we can't even put the newest templates in Chicago and LA because of the kernel that the hardware is running there. We sold 10+ in Chicago and 10+ more in LA the past two weeks so they do have stock sometimes. It doesn't make much sense for us to put more stock in Chicago or LA at this time because historically they don't sell as fast as Dallas does. Noone is bait and switching anything.... this advertisement is clearly listed as an 'OpenVZ Dallas Deal' and if that isn't clear enough we will fix that next time. I think we should let other hosts know that they need to take the products off their site when they don't have stock as well so they don't 'bait and switch customers'.

    Did you actually want to buy something or just rant? If you want a VPS in Chicago or LA that bad just shoot us a ticket or live chat or telephone call and we can probably fit you in.

  • wrhotonwrhoton Member
    edited September 2012

    Well said Corey.

    and LOL :)

    And @ the comment about "You setup some great deal but its only ever available on your cheapest hardware and bandwidth... "

    Dallas actually has our best hardware right now, 16gb ram / raid 10 and not sure of exact specs as Corey is the hardware guy.. And our next server thats already been purchased I believe 32gb of ram, raid 10 with 6 drives, Again Corey handles that so Im not sure on exact specs but I guess my point is you really should not be trolling my thread.

  • @Corey said: Did you actually want to buy something or just rant? If you want a VPS in Chicago or LA that bad just shoot us a ticket or live chat or telephone call and we can probably fit you in.

    Why give 3 test IPs/locations if the deal is only for Dallas then?

  • Why not!?

    One day people are saying "You dont give enough details in your offers"
    And the next day "Why give extra information!!!!"

    In fact I even clarified "OpenVZ - Dallas Deal"


    And Bait & switch? Really? Do you know what B&S even means? Considering that I see almost every other post youve made was complaining about other hosts... I'll take your posts with a grain of salt.

  • TheLinuxBugTheLinuxBug Member
    edited September 2012

    Actually, I did have an interest at one point, but like some other people I got tired of going to your site only to find what I was looking for with 0 stock. Complaining? Usually I am trying to make sure hosts follow the rules... you know, those things your supposed to read and follow before posting in this forum? You guys actually do tend to follow the rules for the most part, so my 'complaint' this time is actually different than most of my previous posts. Believe me, you may have stock "now and again" but every time you have made an advertisement, I have checked the site only to find 1 location available. This is not a 1 time thing, if it was I probably would not have posted or wasted my time.

    TL; DR:
    If this is annoying to me after so many times, I am sure there are some others who have felt similar, but have reserved their comments. Lets call it "3rd times the charm", it finally bugged me enough to spend ( more so waste ) my time writing these comments.

    My 2 cents.


  • Thanks for your 2 cent. :)

  • Ordered one of these last month.. forgot all about it :P

    Must remind myself to check it out tonight.

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