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EvoBurst :: High End Hardware :: Low End Price :: Premium From 2€/m :: NAT from €3/yr
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EvoBurst :: High End Hardware :: Low End Price :: Premium From 2€/m :: NAT from €3/yr


Greeting's LET-ers

Well, I'm back again with another New Brand, this one you can consider as a Premium Brand utilizing High End Servers, (Dual E5's and High End X Series servers) with SSD's or High End SAS Drives. Giving users massive amounts of Performance at a small price.

I'd like to start off by saying, EvoBurst is not a cloud host, but rather. We offer Resource Bundles, for you to split in any way you want for your VPS Needs.
Simple monthly Billing, and once you're signed up you're on your way.

We are using a separate install of SolusVM for EvoBurst, to keep things separated from NanoVZ/MegaVZ & BudgetVZ.

For each Core & IP Assigned is an Extra VPS you can spawn up! (ie. 2 Cores, 2 IP's can spawn 2 VPS Servers etc) With the Ability to Swap Location as you need.

We Currently Have Servers at the following Locations.

Network information for EvoBurst's Locations can be found Here.

And best of all, we have a Limited Stock offer, JUST for LET Users & Current Customers of evoBurst Solutions, Once this plan is Sold out, There is simply no more.

**EvoBurst512M - Limited Offer**
1 Core
512MB Ram
10GB SSD/High Speed SAS
1TB Bandwidth
1 Dedicated IPv4 + /64 IPv6 Subnet
**One VPS Limit**
Price: € 2.00 Per Month
Order Now


2 Core
1GB Ram
15GB SSD/High Speed SAS
2TB Bandwidth
2 Dedicated IPv4 + /64 IPv6 Subnet
**Two VPS Limit**
Price: € 4.00 Per Month
Order Now
2 Core
2GB Ram
30GB SSD/High Speed SAS
3TB Bandwidth
2 Dedicated IPv4 + /64 IPv6 Subnet
**Two VPS Limit**
Price: € 6.00 Per Month
Order Now

And more plans available on our website EvoBurst

Please Note: You will be assigned a /64 IPv6 Subnet for EACH VPS Server you Create within your Bundle. as well as a Small amount of vSwap is applied to each VPS Server.

And as always, we have some NanoVZ/MegaVZ Offers for today.

Please Note: Locations for NanoVZ & MegaVZ are Different to those of EvoBurst.

1 vCPU Core
1GB vSwap
1.5TB Bandwidth
20 NAT IPv4 Ports & Preforwarded SSH Port + IPv6 Subnet
€ 5.00 Per Year.
Order Now - Coupon Code: LET1024MB
1 vCPU Core
128MB vSwap
500GB Bandwidth
20 NAT IPv4 Ports & Preforwarded SSH Port + IPv6 Subnet
€ 3.00 Per Year.
Order Now

As well as the ability to purchase VPS Servers in Bundles for even Better Pricing!

NAT IPv4 Bundles

We accept the following Payment Methods:

Credit Card VIA Stripe
Bitcoin VIA Bitpay

And as usual, i'll include the Website Links here

Website: EvoBurst

Website: BudgetVZ

Website: MegaVZ

Website: NanoVZ

Billing: EvoBilling - Billing Panel


  • cavecave Member
    edited March 2015

    14 days after ordering the mega1024 bundle the price drops. ahh, bugs me ... even the promoted single plan 5€/yr has better pricing than the bundle 5x 6€/yr, so grab em

    New megavz/NAT locations planned, for example Netherlands/Dronten, anytime soon?

    [MegaVZ] review after few days, Disk IO is not best, but still enough. Ticket response is okay and fast.
    so far, no major problems.

  • AutoSnipeAutoSnipe Member
    edited March 2015

    @Cave - Same Coupon that was used here more then 14 Days ago now. LEB Post

    Negative, there is already a Lowendspirit location in the Netherlands which you can find @

    Always working on finding IO Hogs but should still be usable how it is.

    Send me in a ticket anytime :)

  • I will never use this host again they cant even life by there own TOS
    And one of my VPS got close down after I have made refund ticket on paypal
    Be aware of this compnay
    peace and have yourself an great day

  • AutoSnipeAutoSnipe Member
    edited April 2015

    @tvliga - Please provide some proof that we did not abide by our own TOS, and that you didn't violate the them instead, otherwise kindly go away.

    Note: Servers != Servers, as it has already been explained to you.

  • tvligatvliga Member
    edited April 2015

    What me the post the refund images from paypal here okey
    And no I will NOT go away freedom of speech something what u need to learn .
    Because u close down the other VPS after I made refund ticket on paypal u threaten me .
    The Terms are still the same so dont give me that story again :
    Abusing shared resources is not allowed, although the CPU usage is based on fair share ruling, you cannot use all cores at all time starving other users.
    VPS Servers will be graded on the amount of IP Addresses as to the amount of CPU load they are able to use.
    1 IPv4 Address - CPU Load cannot exceed 2.00 on 15 minute average

  • @tvliga - i'm not telling you to go away for that. I'm just sick of unsubstantiated claims.
    And it's quite obvious you cannot read still even though you have been told to actually read the Terms of Service applicable to the product in which you purchased.

    Since you had a server you are under the "NanoVZ/MegaVZ & BudgetVZ" terms of service, not that of's terms of service.

    So, i was completely in my rights to suspend your vps server after it crossed the thresholds multiple times (ie, with a reboot to try and stop the load as described in the terms of service)

    So, it is for THAT reason, I am telling you to go away. I do believe now it is the 6th time i have told you that BudgetVZ are bound by their own terms due to lower spec hardware etc.

    As well as the fact I did not threaten you, I informed you of the Terms which you agreed upon when you purchased.

  • tvligatvliga Member
    edited April 2015

    If BudgetVZ dont got the same TOS why do u have an relink on to the TOS ???????

    @AutoSnipe said: "Since you had a server you are under the "NanoVZ/MegaVZ & BudgetVZ" terms of service, not that of's terms of service."

    Iether fix you're TOS on the website and stop making me look stupid here and blame yourself .

    @AutoSnipe said: "So, i was completely in my rights to suspend your vps server after it crossed the thresholds multiple times (ie, with a reboot to try and stop the load as described in the terms of service)"

    Therefore u had NO rights to suspend my VPS because I used 0.90 CPU and the TOS is saying that I can use .
    Where I still havent see any proof from even when I ask it very nicely .

    " Abusing shared resources is not allowed, although the CPU usage is based on fair share ruling, you cannot use all cores at all time starving other users. VPS Servers will be graded on the amount of IP Addresses as to the amount of CPU load they are able to use. 1 IPv4 Address - CPU Load cannot exceed 2.00 on 15 minute average"

    Again fix you're site dude waiting for the refund on paypal or the VPS back online up to u .

  • AutoSnipeAutoSnipe Member
    edited April 2015

    Well, first of all you admit you were using ~2.00, thus rebooted. and then the processes spawned straight back up. so, i followed the terms of service and suspended the vps, and you have not asked nicely for anything infact.

    when you signed up, you clicked a button that says "i have read and accept the terms of service"

    in which has bold headings for each point, including ones for and ones for NanoVZ/MegaVZ & BudgetVZ so, you obviously did not read it and accept due to not reading it.

    so, you're wanting me to make a new TOS just for you/any customer (ie,{INSERTNAMEHERE}-{INSERTPRODUCTHERE}-{INSERTBIRTHPLACEHERE}-{INSERTFIRSTPETSNAMEHERE}.html )

    not happening.

  • tvligatvliga Member
    edited April 2015

    I Never admit that I used 2.00 don't put words in my mouth .

    But really funny anyway that I get suspended for not reading all the TOS that never happend to my in my whole life . ( 34 years old , maybe I missed something)

    So that means if u install something on youre pc u first read all TOS from the software ???
    Last my words here to warn other users before they thinking about to get them a VPS there.

    • They threatening clients_ (not an good idea when u are an company and needs to make an living from it)_

    • The owner Ryan act like a prick _ (more users on lowendtalk wrote an complain about that Ryan)_

    • They suspend u when ever they wanne and feel like
      (No warning will be giving to not even an email saying like "We have closed down you're VPS because the CPU use is to high , can u please look at this and fix this in the next hour , if not that when we will suspend u" (that looks better right)

    • They send u a email saying its that CPU and get suspend in the same min .

    Anyway my last words here good bye

  • AutoSnipeAutoSnipe Member
    edited April 2015

    I don't really need to put words in your mouth, picture's mean 1000 words do they not? if you don't believe that I don't really care, i know who's in the right, and.. to be honest, it's not you.

    image and if you check on your dispute, you will see the complete image + another to verify your CTID numbers with.

    • with the admission of using 0.90 (more then likely checked after you got the email) your vps was suspended.

    as it doesn't take long when your load as soon as the VPS was restarted was over 2.00 (in the 1 min section according to

    vzlist -Ho ctid,laverage,ip,hostname | grep -v /0.

    and i already showed you the log with a 10 minute gap between emails, I didn't threaten you, nor am i a prick, you were the one that after i said that your choice of words were nether warranted nor needed you told me that you say what you want when you want. I merely told you what is in our terms of service which you agreed to, as a refresher. as it seemed you didn't read anything bar what you WANTED to read.


    I honestly do not care what you have to say anymore @tvliga you've just shown that you don't read anything (and for your information, yes i do as then i know what is going on and not losing my first born Like some people

    So, you're argument is "i didn't use over 0.90 because i said i didn't", and "i got reboot and suspend email's in the same minute" yet i have provided you with proof of the fact that your VPS was using more then what you say, and your emails were sent 10 minutes apart, more then enough time for it go over again, it is not my fault that they didn't reach your email instantly, but the fact you're asking for paypal to give you money you are not entitled (for the record everyone, @tvliga has asked paypal to give him €150 for a €7 per year VPS) to for the following reasons

    • Not reading the terms of service
    • Slandering all over the internet
    • Arguing with us to change our terms of service to suit you

    So, out of niceness (because i'm not a prick and all), i have just kept your VPS on the servers for if you actually want a backup of it. since you say that you spent €500 on it somehow, i do not know nor do i actually care. As I've followed our Terms of Service.

    and in your 34 years, (which is completely irrelevant might i add) you should know to not go off as soon as you open a ticket.

    Anyway, this has taken enough of my time. I've said what i wish to say and provide you with the proof you need.

  • tvligatvliga Member
    edited April 2015

    Here is the 10 min proof what u are talking both emails on 14:57 in my mailbox

    And for the claim yes everybody will be pist off (even u as well) if they have installed paid software on the server and the VPS in down in 1 min (see my proof)
    Anyway threatening clients proof :

  • @tvliga - Yep, so it's exactly zero fault of my own (like i said before) that your emails didn't arrive instantly. (see below)

    and like I've said, and even say in that, you had failed to read the terms of service appropriately, therefore i'm explaining to you just in case you had missed it in your quick glance over it which missed the important things.

    So, tell me.. Why should a provider keep services online, if they technically have not been paid for it? as filing a dispute, removes the money from the account, and gets held by paypal. So, then we have this in there to say, if you do so your account will be terminated. as you had not actually kept the payment there.

    I wouldn't be pissed off if it was down, Due to a valid reason. I'd actually applaud the fact that a provider is trying to protect the server from forms of abuse to try and make sure that shared resources are available for all.

    So, because you had paid software on the VPS, you try to put a dispute in for over 15x the amount of the VPS. and i'm all of a sudden not allowed to inform you of the process on our end, since you had proved quite a few times that you have a severe inability to read (by the 9 or so mentions of telling you that what you quote is not applicable to what you had purchased and to look above where you kept quoting from, and even sending you a screenshot, of your own screenshot cropped to show the terms which you were agreeing to. So, forgive me for informing you.

    So, I've made my point, and funnily enough, you haven't said anything about the CPU measurement that i included above (and had included in a ticket to you BEFORE the post you made, which after i included it on here too) should i proceed to destroy the backup of your VPS server? as that too you haven't answered on either.

    But here is another one for you which confirms delivery 10 minutes apart. NOTE: Email address has been removed to protect identity (so why don't you go hassle your email provider, for not delivering the mail instantly?)


  • tvligatvliga Member
    edited April 2015

    I had the VPS running over 3 days with same stuff no high CPU use .

    In one day when I havent change nothing and I mean NOTHING the CPU use was high .

    So please explain me that that iether there was an update for the VPS itself or u done something (update/or scan) .

    Iether way I find it still weird that the CPU use was so high in like 5 mins when I have run the same software/hardware for 3 days with an normal CPU use .

    All so the log files from nginx where GONE after the restart what U have done ???

    All so the CPU was high when I was unable to do something because u close down the VPS for me ?

    As for time on the email I use an normal live/hotmail account .

    But anyway waiting iether for my money or the VPS back good luck with you're company

  • I'm learning more about laundry than about EvoBurst from this thread. Why is this conversation public?

  • cavecave Member

    Hmm, i've purchased the MEGA1024 Bundle, 5 VZ'
    s in Roubaix, Duesseldorf and Falkenstein. I'm happy with the NAT-Setup and the SSH forwarding. i do not need my own IPv4.

    i am starting to regret it.

    random outages, disconnects and reboots. After a few months testing i can say, this happens often, too often. yesterday (sunday, 4x times on one system in the afternoon) and another system 3x10 minutes and today 6 hours and ongoing.

    my statistical view from the past: 10-30 minutes unresponsible 5x per week, per location is quite normal.
    sometimes additionally reboots.

    Logging in via ssh takes sometimes up to 20-30 seconds, also the response on the systems is very, very slow.
    'apt-get update' or 'svn up' takes up to a minute to start. 'apt-get upgrade -y' isn't fun there.

    truly, this is ZERO-SLA.

  • Yet you didn't alert us via ticket of this issue @cave ?

    What you see can be completely different to what we see, therefore we do need people to report connectivity issues. Considering we had no reports in the last few weeks (15 days to be exact) of issues in either of those locations.

  • cavecave Member
    edited June 2015

    @AutoSnipe ticket #YJN-115
    FAV-294 is also "in progress", but wasn't pushed by me the last weeks.

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