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Windows XP VPS suspending
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Windows XP VPS suspending

BigglesBiggles Member
edited September 2012 in Help

I have a Windows VPS which is running XP. I believe it's Xen HVM that's hosting it all.

Anyway, for the first few days, I was able to RDP in, launch my application (a .NET based HTTP crawler for research purposes to be precise) and then disconnect the session (not a log off!) and I could see my results piling up on another server. Then, it stopped working. So I RDPed back on and saw that there's nothing in the event log for a whole day, as if session was killed or suspended. Automatic updates are off and that's the only thing I could think of that would have stopped it.

The host of course says there was no downtime of any sort, but my lack of results for the past few days and the event logs aren't lying - something was stopping my VPS. But what else should I look for?

Cheers in advance.


  • was RDP working now?

  • perhaps some hibernation or some other power-saving feature ? Maybe the crawler stopped working and the machine thought was idle and went to sleep.
    Could have been also suspended, you should check the log in your control panel if you have such feature.

  • M, at first i think he did like you and arif :) abuse the VPS :)

  • I dont think I abused it :) Was fast and snappy and only used some 300 mb swap, I think those serverbear tests are abusive, if 2 ppl in a server do in the same time it will probably crawl, if no SSD.

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  • @Randy lol....

    @Biggles, how about install a TeamViewer in the VPS or/and install a Keylogger on it.
    Sometimes we need to monitor what happened to our vps from live view (via TeamViewer), and just in case something out of our control, we can use KeyLogger ( usually I use Keylogger to monitor my own pc using screen capture which will send me automatic screen capture for 1 minutes. My Gmail account is almost full and I have to clean it everyday)

  • @ErawanArifNugroho said: monitor my own pc using screen capture which will send me automatic screen capture for 1 minutes

    that means if i want use your pc without getting noticed, i have to pull the plug first.. :p

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