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filemedia (now dedify) - terrible customer support
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filemedia (now dedify) - terrible customer support

projectgusprojectgus Member
edited February 2015 in Reviews

TLDR: Filemedia's customer service is terrible - will break your VPS without warning, post misleading statuses they never reply to, and then act like they sent emails despite being shown evidence they were never sent.

Full story:

Last Saturday I woke up and had messages from my monitoring service that my VPS (personal web & mail) had gone down overnight (Australian time).

I checked Filemedia's twitter stream and they'd posted overnight:

Big DDoS against our main subnets..we are in investigation.

A DDoS against Filemedia took my site offline for several hours last month, so I figured this was the same thing. Loading their main site/client area was super slow as well, so I left it and hoped they'd sort it out.

Saturday evening and my VPS was still down. No further twitter posts about the DDoS from Filemedia, so I tweeted at them to ask if there was an update - saying it was nearly 24 hours since my server went down. I saw someone else on twitter asking the same question.

Woke up Sunday morning (AU time) and still no replies or updates from Filemedia, VPS still down.

This time I loaded their status page. (It's important to use this status page, not this status page which was last updated in 2013 but still linked on the customer service site.)

No mention of the DDoS at all on the status page, but there was a ticket that said:

We change the ipv4 addresses as annouced to our new ip subnet range. Please notice the additional information you got in the email few weeks ago. Configure your network with DHCP to get the new ip addresses after a reboot automatically.

What?!? Check the client area, sure enough I had a brand new IP, and my server had been auto-rebooted 36 hours ago. I updated my DNS records and everything came good immediately.

Then I went and searched my email for this "additional information" from a "few weeks ago". Plenty of billing emails from Filemedia, but no emails about IP addresses. As soon as my mailserver came back up I got a "we have changed your IP" email, sent after the IP change.

I replied on Twitter to the other person asking about the DDoS, and it turns out they were in the same situation (IP changed without notice, had assumed it was the DDoS.)

I opened a support ticket with filemedia, explaining what I'd seen, that I never got an email, and asking "Can you please fix this so in future I will get advance notice of major changes that will break my site?"

Got an email back asking if I'd set a valid email address on my profile (something I'd confirmed in the ticket), saying that the email might have been marked as spam, and asking me to check the "Sent Email" history in their client area.

My reply:

do you have a valid email address in your profile?


Yes, as I said I receive billing emails. I also received these support


You can see the ip address notification and the email with the new ip address in your client area under the email history.



The only IP-related email shown here is the one sent 13.2 - after my
IP address was changed. Which I didn't get until after I'd fixed my
DNS, because my mailserver is hosted on the VPS.


BTW, your current status on Twitter still says you're investigating a
DDoS attack.

Their reply:

DDoS and this action was different. DDoS affected another location and not your vps.
Looks like you didn't get the notification.

Um... what? I send them proof that their notification emails aren't being sent from their end, and they say "looks like you didn't get it"?

At this point I figured it was time to cut my losses. I expect some amount of limited service at this price point - but not this bad.

Migrated to a dedicated server at I've only opened one ticket with support so far (to set up an IP KVM) - but they were swift, courteous and competent. Also,'s customer service staff actually replies to people on Twitter - Filemedia's Twitter account still says they're investigating a DDoS from a week ago.

I feel particularly sorry for anyone who pays for their premium "Dedify" product and then has to deal with this kind of customer support.


  • cosmicgatecosmicgate Member
    edited February 2015

    2 years with them then same thing happened like yours. I moved out 2 weeks ago. They were very stable before dedify.

  • sounds like reboot caused by ip-change and ddos attack unluckily coincided, which made you think of wrong cause...
    shit happens, beside that it's probably not a good idea to use an e-mail address, hosted on the service itself?

  • chrispchrisp Member
    edited February 2015

    Well they are pretty knowledgeable and they have been around for quite a long time now, but I experienced a similar situation. Support is quite harsh and you don't feel like they care for you. It's pity, because their services are great.

  • I agree their support is bit slow but for me always they were helpful and solved the issues.

  • @Falzo said:
    sounds like reboot caused by ip-change and ddos attack unluckily coincided, which made you think of wrong cause...

    Yes, that's what happened.

    shit happens

    Sure, and I would have shrugged and dealt with it if Filemedia had done any single one of the following things (all of which I'd consider basic customer service):

    • Updated their twitter to say "DDoS is resolved", or linked from there to a status page where they later said it was resolved.
    • Replied to at least one of the people asking them questions about the DDoS on Twitter.
    • Acknowledged that a notification email about the planned IP change wasn't sent, and say that some steps had been taken so next time that won't happen.
  • @projectgus said:

    yes, probably there could have been more notifications about the status after a DDOS, but one would assume that notifying of solving an issue, isn't always neccessary, as the service itself will be there and available afterwards.
    I quite understand that they should announce something on twitter at least if they're running an account there, but for myself I always would rely on tickets/support system at first hand, not any social network ;-)

    I don't really believe any provider would change IPs of unmanaged services without any notice. regarding the email-history from their client area and them saying 'looks like you didn't get it' - maybe it is meant, that they are sending out mails and only if they reach your inbox, they are then showing up in this list.

    as mentioned above I don't think it's always a good idea to use a mail-address hosted on the service itself, it's the same like using [email protected] as contact on the domain - if something goes wrong, you may not be able to receive important mails anymore...

  • I don't know why facing such type of issue. I am always finding quick solution from their technical team.

  • I used filemedia for a couple of months and I walked away because of the weird things happening and bad support they have.
    There were about 3 situations where server went down, I did not receive any notification nor explanation of what is happening. I had to boot it up manually.
    I decided to end my subscription when magically my HDD and CD drive were disconnected from my VM. It took quite a long time and many messages exchanged before support finally diagnosed the problem. In the end they blamed it on me although I logged into the panel which allows you to do these things maybe once couple of months before that.
    Never had any of such problems with DO/Vultr/Ramnode/

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