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Does someone need a free support operator ?
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Does someone need a free support operator ?

tkpstkps Member
edited August 2012 in General

As this community helped me to get a VPS sponsorship, I wish to return, if anyone need a support operator or accounts executive just PM me, I'll be able to spare some time for that work daily. Or to handle communications with clients, blog, community etc.

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  • How about offering it to the sponsoring VPS host? :P

  • @djvdorp said: How about offering it to the sponsoring VPS host? :

    Yeah. that is a good way in return :)

  • tkpstkps Member


    The priority is always for Alex, if he wants I even plan to help him in his business and on his website too :) but in case he does not wish then I am open to others.

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  • another alternative to help the community that already helped you is by contributing in this community itself. positive and constructive discussion is one of them

    but yes, you can still offer free support :)

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  • We're always looking for paid support operators, if you're willing to be paid.

    Thanked by 1djvdorp
  • @Damian if you need a chinese operator, you can pm me. :)

  • AlexBarakovAlexBarakov Patron Provider, Veteran

    I indeed could use some help for handling leve1 support / sales.

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