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Hacked twitter account? mentioned in tweet.
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Hacked twitter account? mentioned in tweet.

Rhys_quadexRhys_quadex Member
edited February 2015 in General

So i log on today and i get a nice email popup in mozilla thunderbird, something about a twitter password change.

Before shutting down my account of which i never really used, i checked to see if any posts where made and sure enough as nice little advert for's NYE.

" For #NYE, grab yourself a £3/year #VPN account over at - Limited Stock! Don't miss out! @vpnsh"


I've never even signed up with, the only reason i know about them is this forum so...
the fuck is going on and has anyone else seen this sort of thing from them??

Also the links to their sites where not referrals from one of their customers or anything.


  • GoodHostingGoodHosting Member
    edited February 2015

    Someone notify whoever ran, no idea their LET name.

    Format for those that don't know how to: literally type "@ username" without the quotes or space.

    @Rhys_quadex Your username is not nearly obscured enough, might want the box tool instead of the pencil in MSPaint. (or anything other than MSPaint.)

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  • VPNshVPNsh Member, Host Rep

    We ran a Gleam competition back at New Year where users enter by tweeting exactly as above. We had hundreds of these tweets through entries to the competition, which we only published at OzBargain.

    It sounds much more like somebody has gained access to your Twitter account and entered the competition with it. That's not anything to do with us, and you should contact Twitter to secure your account.

    @mpkossen could the title of this please be altered and moved to offtopic? Sounds as though the Twitter account has been compromised and used to enter our competition - I'm sorry that this has happened, but it isn't actually anything of our doing and should be taken up with Twitter.

  • mikhomikho Member, Host Rep

    updated title on request.

  • I got one of those deals. It's very nice to have one laying around.

  • I have also got one, working like charm.

  • @Rhys_quadex said:
    So i log on today and i get a nice email popup in mozilla thunderbird, something about a twitter password change.

    If you haven't already deleted it then check any Twitter apps associated with the account; they could have made the post.

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