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LowendTalk Community Review
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LowendTalk Community Review

TazTaz Member
edited August 2012 in General

My name is Taz and I am here to share my review on LET.
I have found LET while I was searching for VPS reviews of my competitors (Their shortcoming helps us learn and what they do best helps us to target higher). At first when I was just a browser, this community looked a bit rude to me. So one day, I have decided to signup and become a regular member. And trust me, once I become regular, things were completely different.

This is a really nice community where people are willing to help you when ever and where ever you need it. From owners of big VPS providers to regular buyer, everyone will help you if asked the correct way. Granted, you will get criticism but those will help you to grow and understand your mistakes. Most of the users are much more knowledgeable here than I have seen on any other hosting forum. Community is really supportive when you need them most and this is the first community I have seen where people will actually forgive you for your mistake if it has been explained the proper you. I have learnt a lot of things from here.

This is a self moderating community unlike others where mods will setup stupid rules without valid reason and will smack you for saying the right thing. If you are a legit user, you will be treated nice and if you are planning to do stupid stuffs, you better not come here.

Big shout out goes to infinity, Chief, Asim, Hackbox and other people who helped this place to grow and kept this place nice and friendly.
Another set of shout out goes to @jarland, BigTim (@mitgib) @kujoe @Francisco Aldryic (tagging him won't make him comeback), @Maunique @Damian (That ipxcore thread was EPIC) @Jcaleb @Zen and other Linux Gurus (can't name from my memory) who taught me a lot of useful stuff.
And the biggest shout goes @LETcommunity and @LEA @Chief for making this place one of the best fun yet professional forum.

My Rating:

Support : 10/10 (Mods will reply to your pm in less then an hour, Admin will reply to your mail on a regular basis as well)
Service : 10/10
Looks : 6/10. (Can use some new design + logo ):)


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