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Uhh... "GhettoDedi"
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Uhh... "GhettoDedi"

edited August 2012 in General

So, browsing Reddit and I see an ad for GhettoDedi. Supposedly they will (not currently) offer lowend ghetto servers for low costs.

WhoIS info is protected as well. Anyone know who is behind this?


  • DamianDamian Member
    edited August 2012

    Shit dawg, this bitch is whack....

    We're thinking it'll cost you about $50 a month.

    I'd be whois-protecting that too.

  • edited August 2012

    Meh, $50/mo for a low-end dedi isn't that bad.

    I just think it's a bad way to advertise their services. I'd rather have a service that isn't called 'ghetto'. Makes me think they'll make their own server cases with cardboard or plywood and use recycled drives recovered from a dumpster after an office get's closed down.

    I don't think ghetto is a term that should be associated with a product, unless you're catering to, err, people in the ghetto.

  • flyfly Member

    at $50, i'd rather pay an extra $10 and go with the bitchin bhs ovh i3.

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  • Looks like they're using LaunchRock to test the waters out with a Reddit ad to see if they get enough people interested. Decent strategy, means you build demand before you have the end product.

    Not too sure on the approach from a copy perspective though. Servers are serious bizness.

  • jarjar Patron Provider, Top Host, Veteran
    edited August 2012

    Not bad, but it can't compete with some of the other deals we've seen around here lately (just going by the Atom detail). For example, $65 for a nice Proliant that still has some years left in it.

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  • The G6950 at Secured Servers for $59 gets pretty solid benchmarks. Used one myself in the past.

  • - Dedi's From $40/Month. ;) Self-Promoting FTW :D

  • @Jeffrey said: - Dedi's From $40/Month. ;) Self-Promoting FTW :D

    $45 != $40

  • Meh, close enough! :D

  • @Jack Hmm.... Check the prices. ;)

  • This concept is glorious. If you're going for a minimal-support low-end/ghetto/poor man's dedi, chances are you won't be too scared by the name 'ghetto', and can take a lack of pretension. Prices aren't as great as DataShack, CoreNetworks, Burst, OVH et al. but I give them an A+ for the name alone.

    @Jack said: Hmmm..

    "BurstNET Test IP Scranton PA" might have given it away.. resale isn't anything to be ashamed of. Especially when their dedis are evidently cheaper than Burst.

  • @ihateonyy Indeed, Most hosts nowadays' resell Dedicated servers.

  • TazTaz Member
    edited August 2012

    Selling something that I do not have control over is a terrible idea. This is coming from a person who started his first hosting service with a reseller account.
    If selling shared, I want servers root, if selling vps,I want node access, selling dedicated, I want to be able able access y box whenever and however I want to. I do not want to be the one who will wait helplessly waiting for 3rd party host to say hello while I do not know what exactly going down. I have access to every DC I deal with now a days ( personally my self or local tech on call). Peace of mind ;).

    Bahhhh, it is too late. My mind might have stopped working.

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