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Gibibits - Useful LEBs - Directadmin and 10 mbps unmetered boxes!
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Gibibits - Useful LEBs - Directadmin and 10 mbps unmetered boxes!

gibibitsgibibits Member
edited October 2011 in Offers - VPS and dedicated servers

  • 6 years in business
  • 24/7 livechat tech support by our experienced team
  • Gibibits Limited company incorporated in Hong Kong
    All our VPS feature

  • Instant activation

  • SolusVM panel
  • Mirror RAID on all nodes
  • Guaranteed resources allocation - bandwidth, RAM and disk space are not oversold.
  • Our VPS are unmanaged, but qualified system administrators are at your service for additional modest fee.

Our current VPS offers are here , additionally we are willing to set up custom VPS in Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland or US. Contact me with your requirements if you need a quote.

Today we are offering 2 VPS plans that were designed specially for LET :)

You wanted LEB with Directadmin license? Here you go!

OpenVZ, 2 cores, 512 RAM + 512 swap, 25 GB hdd, 500 GB traffic/mo on 100 mbps uplink, Directadmin License!

Order link:
$7/mo or $60/year

Quick Q&A on this offer:

  • Ask our tech support for the license (by opening ticket, gtalk or livechat), this part is not automated. In your request please provide IP and OS of your box.
  • We can not set your license on any IP other than IP of your VPS with us, as it would violate our agreement with Directadmin.
  • We will provide you with license and detailed (and easy) installation instructions for your OS for free. Or we can install Directadmin on your box ourselves for $9 one time fee.
  • This is a limited time offer, but once you signed up - we guarantee price freeze, stable server performance and free directadmin license for as long as you are paying for the box.

And our second offer - LEB with guaranteed, non oversold, 10 mbps pipe without monthly traffic limit! This plan might fit for streaming server, personal VPN or other purposes that require unmetered transfer.

OpenVZ, 2 cores, 256 RAM + 256 swap, 10 GB hdd, 10 mbps dedicated unmetered.
Order link
$7/mo or $60/year

Both plans are on nodes in Frankfurt, Germany. Test IP:

If you have any presales questions or need a custom quote - please contact me by email or gtalk [email protected]. Please contact our 24/7 tech support by tickets at, email or gtalk [email protected], ICQ 222962071, skype or web based live chat on for any other issues.


  • KairusKairus Member
    edited October 2011

    link fixed :)

  • Thanks, yep, link fixed :)

  • gibibits said: Thanks, yep, link fixed :)

    not for me

  • InfinityInfinity Member, Host Rep
    edited October 2011

    In Greek.. Hope this isn't Constantinos again lol.

    Wait, why the heck is the domain registered to some Russian sounding name in Hong Kong?

  • it's not greek, it's russian

  • InfinityInfinity Member, Host Rep
    edited October 2011

    Looks the same. O_o Krazy Russians xD Jk.

    Wait.. Still doesn't explain the Hong Kong address and the IP registered to Hong Kong but hosted in LeaseWeb.

  • Our customers are mostly Russian speaking webmasters renting dedicated servers from us. Me and my staff are Russians. Domain is registered on company name and address of company's office, with my name as company representative, so all information in domain whois is correct.

    Website is partially in Russian at the moment, I apologize for that, that will be fixed by upcoming redesign. Everything in customer area (billing panel, ticket system, VPS control panel) is in English, members of our support team are not gonna win 'proper grammar' award, but they do communicate in English good enough for the job.

    Alex, correct link is with 'l' at the end, obviously I can not fix it in Kairus message :)

    Thanked by 1alex
  • Hi gibibits,

    Can this package be upgraded? I mean more memory, HDD?

  • drmikedrmike Member
    edited October 2011

    Anyone else see the irony in having Russians running servers in Germany?

    Thanked by 1tux
  • Nice offer, I have a similar package running from for quiet some time now.

  • @drmike
    Its quite interesting {humor}but don't let your age show to much doc{/humor}

  • tuxtux Member

    drmike said: Anyone else see the irony in having Russians running servers in Germany?

    Did you mean West Germany or East Germany?

  • Christian, yes, we added some upgrades as configurable options, or you can email me your requirements for a custom quote.

  • @ztec, I believe our offer is different from what is offered on . Their $9.95 offer is a reseller account on their server with directadmin control panel. Our $7 offer is a virtual private server with a full root access and standalone directadmin license, you can make unlimited (well, limited by your VPS resources) number of directadmin reseller accounts on our $7 plan.

  • The offer I have with them is from their WHT offer, which is in fact exactly the same. Although I have 4 GB burst memory with them - not sure if everyone gets that for 7 dollars.

  • Did you mean West Germany or East Germany?

    Aren't they one in the same now?

  • @drmike Sure now we are united. But Germany was splitted in two parts and East Germany was regulated by the Russians.

  • @gibibits Thanks, I will have a look on that.

  • Anyone tried them out?

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