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1GB VPS + 2 ips for only $3.75/mo !!
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1GB VPS + 2 ips for only $3.75/mo !!

wrhotonwrhoton Member
edited August 2012 in Offers

1GB VPS + 2 ips for only $3.75 /mo !!

YDGH has been in business over 3 years and still growing strong!

2 Cores
30gb of Raid Protected Disk space
+256mb vSwap (On request by support ticket.)
(The free 256mb vSwap is only available in Dallas)

1000gb bandwidth
2 IP Addresses
$5.00 / month

($3.75 / month after using promo code LEB25 (Annual))
($4.50 / month after using promo code LEB10 (Monthly))

To use this promo code click "Do not use promo code" in the edit configuration. And change the promo code.

Dallas Test IP:
Dallas Test File:

Root Access - Yes
Tun/Tap - Yes



  • Usually when I saw an advertisement of 1GB, it's 1GB Guaranteed.
    Or, 512MB Guaranteed, 1024 burstable. :)

    Thanked by 1jcaleb
  • @ErawanArifNugroho There is no such thing as 'burstable'. You will find running the same applications under the new 'vswap' you will use less memory anyway.

    Thanked by 1ErawanArifNugroho
  • Seems very misleading, this is not 1GB. Should be guaranteed RAM, excluding swap and burst

    Thanked by 2Randy rm_
  • @ErawanArifNugroho said: Usually when I saw an advertisement of 1GB, it's 1GB Guaranteed.

    @Taylor said: Seems very misleading, this is not 1GB. Should be guaranteed RAM, excluding swap and burst

    Yet ChicagoVPS offers their VPS in nearly the same manner, they advertise 1gb, you get 1gb, no burst, no vswap, so if you do not read the details, it can cause confusion. I don't see anything really wrong with Corey's offer since the community allows similar from others.

  • rm_rm_ IPv6 Advocate, Veteran
    edited August 2012

    @miTgiB said: they advertise 1gb, you get 1gb

    So what is the problem then?

    But with this offer, they advertise 1GB, you get 768MB, simple as that.
    And then you have to hassle with file support tickets just to get the 1GB you already paid for.
    Seriously WTF do they require a support ticket for vswap, do they intend to also ask for justification or some other b/s when people request their vSwap. Otherwise I see no reason why it isn't auto-provisioned. Especially on an offer that is advertised as "1GB" in the first place.

  • About the only reason I can think of to open a support ticket for vSwap was because the default provision node doesn't have vSwap enabled. We were like that until.. today, actually.

  • CoreyCorey Member
    edited August 2012

    @rm_ You are ticketing for it because it is a special offer to LEB? Our plans only have 768MB Guaranteed (which still isn't guaranteed if the node runs out of memory) with nothing else..... I don't see how vswap isn't 'Guaranteed' ?

    @rm_ said: But with this offer, they advertise 1GB, you get 768MB, simple as that

    Looks like you get 1GB to me?

    So we are back to the good old burst vs vswap again. It's obvious that customers want burst RAM when presented with the offer rather than vswap even while in threads on here they will say they want vswap. I think it's sad how uninformed the community is about burst ram vs vswap.

    Guess what though... we will go ahead and extend this offer to be 1GB of Guaranteed ram because of popular demand, and we may even go back to an old kernel JUST so we can offer burst ram like our competitors.

  • It is what it is, we appreciate the feed back. However its as simple as the plan is 1gb total rather you like the way its presented is not relavent to the offer.

    It IS 1gb rather its 512mb guaranteed and 512mb vswap or just straight out 1gb ram.

    As Corey said for THIS week ONLY we will extend that offer to increasing your ram to 1gb guaranteed by support ticket request.

    As for why you have to open a support ticket.. Its simply because I personally decide on what promotion I run each week. Some weeks I decide to give free additional vswap, some weeks I decide to give an additional discount. I may decide to give an extra ip one week. Or I may decide to only give annual discounts one week... Just depends on whats going on in house and whats going on with the servers ect..

    Im not going to apologize for the wording of my advertisement.

  • Nice offer, and I have posted in my blog.

  • @Corey said: which still isn't guaranteed if the node runs out of memory

    If your node runs out of memory and your selling Guaranteed ram then something is wrong.

    Thanked by 1Taz
  • CoreyCorey Member
    edited August 2012

    @Taylor I'm just saying :).......

    Thank you @VMVPS!

  • Nick_ANick_A Member, Top Host, Host Rep

    I would hesitate to equate vswap with RAM without making any distinction.

    Thanked by 1Taz
  • The ad is misleading. vswap != RAM. vswap slows down your VPS if you start using it. What you are really selling is a 768MB VPS w/ 256MB swap that by default is not even enabled.

    I also agree with Taylor, if your selling GUARANTEED ram and you run out, you have many more issues than falsely advertising.

    Thanked by 3jcaleb TheHackBox Taz
  • How about this?

    128MB Guaranteed and 1GB Swap / vSwap

    Thanked by 1Taz
  • @jshinkle
    Vswap doesn't slow down your vps if you use it....... that's like saying 'Having crap go and stay in swap instead of my ram that I'm not using slows down my system'...... what would be the point in swap then? Why would it even exist?
    Also - we aren't running out of ram.... it was just an example.....

    All of this is moot anyway we have already extended the offer to 1GB with no vswap or burst for the LET community.

  • @Corey

    So stop feeding the trolls lol.. It is what it is if they dont like it oh well. Ive been posting this exact ad for several weeks and this is the first time anyone has whined about it.

    The ad is what it is, and if people read the advertisement its not misleading at all.

    For that matter the 3.75 would be misleading... You have to pay annually to get that!

    I dont see people whining about that?

    If you dont like the advertisement... Thanks for your input good luck move on..... Otherwise its a pretty good deal take it or leave it, we wont be hurt either way.

  • LAKidLAKid Member
    edited August 2012

    did you guys just launch a new lowend brand?
    i swear i saw it here, but it's gone/

  • wrhotonwrhoton Member
    edited August 2012

    We will post the ad in 11 days. Unfortunately we are not allowed to post it until then.

    We still have a few things to work out on it before its 100% complete though. Such as the auto setup does not appear to be working. We have had to manually activate people for now. Im sure Corey will get that fixed tomorrow.

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