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Personal server with cPanel - Install cPanel on big VM inside it, or install cPanel on bare server?
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Personal server with cPanel - Install cPanel on big VM inside it, or install cPanel on bare server?

vmunichvmunich Member
edited February 2015 in General


I got myself a server to host my personal projects and my client's projects (I'm a developer). I'm familiar with system administration.

Since this server has a lot of resources and space, I was thinking, should I install Proxmox on it, and have a big KVM virtual machine running and install cPanel in this VM, or should I install cPanel on the bare server?

For me, the main advantages to have a VM are:

  • Lower cPanel license fee.
  • Possibility to take snapshots. In case of 2-disk failure (It's a RAID-1 server), I can just restore the snapshot on another server (assuming I store the snapshots remotely).
  • Being able to make more VMs if I ever need to.

And the obvious disadvantages are:

  • Having to take care of 2 systems instead of only one (Proxmox host and cPanel VM)
  • Proxmox? Honestly, should I be using Proxmox?

Also, It's a RAID-1 rigid disks server, so I don't know if making snapshots of the VM would bring up a huge server load.

What do you guys think?


  • Definately, go for virtualization. Proxmox is an easy, cheap (free!) solution. If there is lot of unused recourses, then, you can use them for other projects creating other virtual machines. As of server load, not really, it depends mostly of the node's configuration (hdd or ssd, hardware specs etc.).

    As of big KVM VM inside the proxmox, at first create something that will fit to your needs and if u need more, you can add later (disk, ram etc.).

  • Making a large virtualized server is against the "spirit" of the licensing terms, but I haven't found anything that outright says it's NOT legal.

    +1 here for vps.

  • Thanks guys, I'm installing Proxmox right now.

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