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Proxy Tunnelling, How?
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Proxy Tunnelling, How?

Hey guys, I hope you can help me with my technical problem.

Long story short - I have a server A in other country with spare IPs I use as proxies (i have squid installed and running just fine)

In my offices all PCs connect to a private VPN hosted on other my server B, so we all are on same network. I want each PC to use its own proxy IP from server A, but i don't want in each PC to enter the exact proxy IP, I want to enter for example: as proxy on all PCs, it is easy to remember and setup :)

At the server B with IP I will control which PC to which proxy IP from server A will be redirected based on its local ip network.

How can i do that? Is there any such proxy tunnelling software? Or I need to use iptables?

Any help will be highly appreciated


  • Its late, not fully sure I understand how you want it but surely a GRE Tunnel from server A to route to server B would do the job?

  • Use iptables mark function

  • Use iptables -j DNAT. Or, even better, use Proxy Auto Configuration (PAC) file.

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