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Los Angeles KVM with Crissic Solutions | Native IPv6 | Owned Hardware
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Los Angeles KVM with Crissic Solutions | Native IPv6 | Owned Hardware

SkylarMSkylarM Member
edited February 2015 in Offers

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Crissic Solutions, LLC

About Us - Crissic Solutions, LLC, is a fast growing, affordable and high performance web hosting company based in Springfield, Missouri. We offer three product lines, OpenVZ HDD VPS, OpenVZ SSD VPS, and KVM VPS.

Los Angeles Datacenter Location - Our Los Angeles services are located in the Quadranet Datacenter in Los Angeles, California. You can find more information including network blend HERE

AS62639 - We operate our own network (AS62639) in Jacksonville, Florida. We own every piece of our hardware, and it's all ENTERPRISE level.

You can check out our looking glass page HERE

Los Angeles KVM is finally here! Our packages are a bit less standard than before, but rest assured your RAM and hard disk is 100% dedicated! CPU is based on a fair-share utilization.

KVM Nodes
  • CPU - Dual Intel X5650 (Hex Core 2.66GHz)
  • RAM - 48GB DDR3
  • Disks - 6 x WD RE4 in Raid 10


Windows is not currently available for KVM VPS


Los Angeles KVM Deal

  • RAM - 640MB Free Upgrade to 750MB
  • CPU Cores - 2
  • Hard Disk - 45GB (HDD Raid 10)
  • Bandwidth - 2TB / Month
  • 1 Gbps
  • 1 IPv4 | /64 Subnet IPv6

$6.99 / Month - (Order Here)



1TB Bandwidth: $3/Month

Additional IPs: $0.50/Month | $6/Year

cPanel License: $12/month - Crissic is an approved cPanel NOC Partner

WHMCS Branded: $10.30/month

WHMCS Unbranded: $12.30/month

DirectAdmin License: $6/month

PositiveSSL: $4.99/year

PositiveSSL Wildcard: $74.99/year


Our promise: We promise to provide our customers with the highest level of service, excellent customer support, and the best enterprise hardware. Come join thousands of other web hosting customers who have become Crissic Solutions' customers. We are so confident that you will love our services that we offer a 10-day money back satisfaction guarantee.

Quick AUP: We do NOT allow IRCd, Bittorrent, TOR, P2P, warez, spamming, or anything illegal in the state of Florida or illegal within the United States of America. PRIVATE proxies are allowed. Runescape bots and gameservers are NOT allowed. Personal IRC Bouncers are Permitted Full Acceptable Use Policy HERE.


  • Shame, only one offer that's not really all that great :(

  • SkylarMSkylarM Member
    edited February 2015

    @ATHK said:
    Shame, only one offer that's not really all that great :(

    We can't get any of our other packages within the $7/m limitation that LET has. If we DID go further lower than the one package we would be degrading quality of service for everyone just to offer super small KVM packages. We're focusing on stability and quality with our KVM line, so no overselling, no gimmicks, no super packed nodes with customers fighting for IO or CPU.

    The KVM link at the top will take you to our billing area that shows our other available packages for KVM in our Los Angeles location.

  • I think it's great that you guys are now offering premium KVM plans. Well done Skylar! :)

    Thanked by 1SkylarM
  • These guys run a great service. I have one vps in FL over a year now, uptime is superb and supports been stellar.

    Thank you guys for providing such a top notch service.

    Thanked by 1SkylarM
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