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Benefits of Paying for Lowendbox or from
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Benefits of Paying for Lowendbox or from

davidnzdavidnz Member
edited October 2011 in General

Is there any real benefit going to a reputable company and paying the earth for the same specs as a lowendbox ?

People say you pay for what you get. This is probably true right?


  • hardly true at all if you just do your homework.

    A few LEB providers are every bit as stable if not more then those big name places. GoDaddy, really? They are as bad as they come, many of the top names are banking on their name while not providing a proper service. But then again, many LEB providers give little more then a black eye, so do your homework.

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  • The only good -- from my POV, anyway -- reason to pay more for the same specs would be if management/cPanel/thrown-in goodies are offered and are worth the price.

  • is almost $30/month for 512MB Xen -- it's a lot more than some of these $7/month Xen/KVM plans you get here. Moreover, when someone says "NameCheap" would you relate that to VPS hosting? They might be a good and reputable budget domain registrar, but probably won't be as reputable in VPS hosting as some listed on LowEndBox.

  • daimonbdaimonb Member
    edited October 2011

    i think thats how they get there clients cheap domains "oh well while im here i needed a vps anyway." :S

  • Namecheap also doesn't do 24/7 support. They do it for sales, but not tech support.

  • jhjh Member

    Namecheap doesn't have the best reputation for hosting...

  • I don't think any domain registrar has that good of a rep for hosting.

    Some of them have a very good rep though for looking the other way when they have their clients reported for spamming. Godaddy leads that list.

  • drmike said: I don't think any domain registrar has that good of a rep for hosting. is actually not bad with their Cloud VPS. Expensive though.

  • If you want to get spoke to like you dont have any idea what your doing and to just be another ticket number in a long line waiting for predefined messages from support reps then go for one of the big named hosts :P

  • very true VMport

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