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maxexcloomaxexcloo Member
edited October 2011 in General

Hey all, I'm curious to know which providers everyone trusts to provide quality VPS Hosting (stability, uptime, support, communication).

I personally trust BuyVM and Hostigation as they are established hosts and I have had good experiences with both :)


  • SpiritSpirit Member
    edited October 2011

    I think that some vooservers made very good impression as company. I am very picky regarding this. As example some ramhost may get hundreds more votes at LEB but I know that if something goes wrong there might be day or two before I get their initial support response while some vooservers usually respond in minute or so and bring solution with detailed description in next few minutes. They act like a company which care for customers - even those from really low budget segment.

    The biggest problem with many those great LEB hosts is long term dedication. Many of them are great on beginning. Servers are most of the time online, support fast and polite... but after some time, year or two.. they somehow lost this enthusiasm, they star to slack. I think that Hostigation guy once asked what people have so much against one man hosts. Well.. in beginning in most of the cases nothing, especially if they are honest regarding this (many of them aren't and respresend themself like a big company). But problems often appear later... many of the don't keep long term consistency of service.

    Many people goes on initial impression with host. They praise them after month or two which is with all those new low end budget hosts bad idea. There's only few.. really few LEB hosts which I would trust with more serious long term projects. One of those is (great, long term personal experience .. but then again, they aren't that budget anymore for new orders).

    Another important thing to trust company is something like this.

    Many LEB featured hosts (especially those from .us) use as only contact thing anonymous whmcs contact form, anonymous mail adress.. and that's it. But they pretend like they are company (leader in business, bla bla..). While this might be ok for me when I need vps to host IRC bouncer I wouldn't ever want to host my more serious projects (sites, etc..) with those "great" but anonymous "hosts".

  • Thanks for the awesome response, very insightful :)

  • how about
    I have never used their VPS before. But i heard many good things about them

  • iKockaiKocka Member
    edited October 2011

    Take a look at InceptionHosting, Edis, Bitcable and Kazila.

  • SpiritSpirit Member
    edited October 2011

    pepaya said:

    They are first generation of LEB VPSs and people generally like them however in nowaday LEB terms they aren't anything special anymore. You can't go much wrong there and basicly you will be ok with them however don't expect some 24/7 support, etc.
    Suitable for people which know what they are doing.

  • pepaya said: how about

    Bad resources/price ratio for today standard ^_^

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