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Hey everyone

Just asking out of interest, does any european hoster actually offer SWIP for a /32 address to a RIPE ORG? I've read about that in combination with ARIN, but in regards of RIPE, I've only found a few hosters offering adding your RIPE PERSON. Now I was getting curious, is such a thing technically even possible with RIPE? Haven't been able to find anything about that at RIPEs page.



  • Well you need to have justification to get a /32 from a lir at ripe.

    This is the ipv6 policy for End Site (

    Assignments shorter than a /48 to a single End Site

    When a single End Site requires an assignment shorter than a /48, it must request the assignment with documentation or materials that justify the request. Requests for multiple or additional prefixes exceeding a /48 assignment for a single End Site will be processed and reviewed (i.e., evaluation of justification) at the RIR/NIR level.

  • He probably meant /32 ipv4. It should be possible to add a /32 ipv4 assignment in the RIPE database, but most LIRs wouldn't bother to do it for less than a /30.

  • Any size prefix can be SWIPed at RIPE, either by Person, by ORG, or by both.

    Does someone bother to do it for a /32v4? Probably not.

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  • NeoXiDNeoXiD Member
    edited January 2015

    @rds100 @William That's exactly what I meant. I was actually asking as RamNode offered me a free SWIP for a /32, although they said they're only able to swip to a PERSON object.

    I do believe them ofcourse and won't complain as such a thing is another REALLY generous offer from @Nick_A, but I was just getting curious if that "limitation" is due to RamNode or RIPE.

    See my thread as answered by that, thanks guys!

  • SWIPing to ORG is just keeping the same person in it (theirs) and add a line with org: $ORG.

    I suspect Ramnode does it via a template/system so they don't have an easy option to set it.

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  • Adding org-id might require a little more verification to make sure the organization is real -
    Though many LIRs probably don't bother too much with this.

  • Yea, in theory many things should not work like they do at RIPE.... fact is though you can simply create an ORG object (given you have a maintainer) and no one will ever bother.

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