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Hetzner IP question
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Hetzner IP question

Hello. I have a question about extra IPs at Hetzner. You can get three "normal" IPs, and you can get subnets (/27 /28 /29).

I have plans to run one or two virtual machines on the main server. Can I use the "normal" IPs they sell as IPs for the VMs?

Or do I need a subnet? I really don't need so many IPs.


  • rauppe31rauppe31 Member, Host Rep
    edited January 2015

    Yes, you can use the normal IPs and don't need a subnet for your VMs.

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  • You can also only redirect certain ports to each of your VMS.

    VM1: (web server)

    VM2: (smtp server)

    VM3: (minecraft server)

  • NAT-ting is the best way to share all vms using 1 IP address. There's a few tutorials floating around here if you need help with that. Depending on the software you're using for the VMs

    Thanked by 1myhken
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