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Best company for speed?
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Best company for speed?

SashiSashi Member
edited August 2012 in General

I know this has been brought up so many times but I'm looking to get two LEBs so I can have one for httpd/php and then offload it to a dedicated sql server

I'm looking for a company that offers the best "in-house" speeds, as in the best speeds from node to node so there is very very minimal latency/lag between the sql server and the httpd server



  • ChicagoVPS has a pretty good service and excellent network (both WAN/LAN). I would recommend them.

  • Since it would be 'local' network, shouldn't any company with multiple nodes in the same location be able to handle this without issue?

  • SashiSashi Member
    edited August 2012

    @Damian dunno, "Should" be able to but I don't know, just want to confirm :)

    Edit: Rather look for opinions :)

  • bretonbreton Member
    edited August 2012

    Why do you want to offload mysql to a dedicated leb?

  • KuJoeKuJoe Member, Host Rep
    edited August 2012

    This thread made me go look at our daily performance tests and I noticed something interesting. Here are the results from our internal network tests:

    OpenVZ VPS1 different subnet same node: 57.5 MB/s
    OpenVZ VPS2 same subnet same node: 57.0 MB/s
    OpenVZ VPS3 same subnet: 79.1 MB/s
    OpenVZ VPS4 same subnet: 74.0 MB/s
    OpenVZ VPS5 same subnet (TC enabled): 69.5 MB/s
    KVM VPS1 different subnet: 103 MB/s

    Feel free to use this information however you like. Just based on these tests, I would look for a KVM or Xen HVM if you are looking for VPSs. If you are able to afford physical servers, then it shouldn't matter to much as long as they are on the same switch (faster than sending the data to the router then back to the switch).

  • Buyvm has an advantage here..
    1. They offer internal IP's on a local/different switch which will be useful for this feature
    2. They also have an offloaded sql feature which costs just a dollar a month

  • Would like to go with frantech, I know the owner from.. eAthena lol

    One problem - buyvm never has stock hehe

  • @Sashi said: One problem - buyvm never has stock hehe

    @Francisco said: All things are pointing at NY + other stock releasing next Friday (17th)

  • Honestly, if you're at the point where your VPS can't handle nginx, php and mysql together, you're probably better off scaling vertically (upgrade your VPS) than scaling horizontally (offloading MySQL to a different VPS). I say this because by adding just one more VPS, you're introducing a second point of failure, and your uptime WILL suffer because of it. Scaling horizontally can make sense if you do it properly, but you would need at least 2 database VPSes with replication (and ideally, load balancing / failover on the front end too).

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  • @NickM thanks for the advice :)

  • Nick_ANick_A Member, Top Host, Host Rep

    Do you have any space requirements?

  • No, but I am one for your customers currently :)

  • I love the idea of offloading my SQL database too if there is such service. It's not a problem with the vps itself vein unstable but more towards being paranoid of it crashing some day.

  • @cosmicgate said: but more towards being paranoid of it crashing some day

    If it does, with or without sql offloaded, it will still not work...

  • Have a backup of your mysql db's locally so you can run it from your one box during planned sql downtimes, hardware issues, or upgrades

  • OpenVZ has problems with Gbit or higher speeds, VServer does not have them.

    If i was you (and i was in the same position not so long ago):
    I use a KVM for the Webserver/PHP as it gives more freedom based on the Kernel (Open connections etc.) and a VServer of us for the SQL as it gives me access to 24 CPU cores and i can better scale CPU/HDD when needed.

  • I've set this up on SecureDragon without any issues really. It works well enough for my basic mysql needs, using a 96mb xen for sql/znc/other & a 96mb ovz for nignx/php. That's the config the site in my sig is running on.

  • what is a "vsever"

  • KuJoeKuJoe Member, Host Rep

    @Sashi said: what is a "vsever"

    It's a container based virtual server like OpenVZ.

  • isn that just a fancy name for OpenVZ or Xen or KVM or vMware? Lol

    Whats the diff? they are all the same arent they?

    A vserver won't give you access to all cores would they.. that is depending on the host

  • KuJoeKuJoe Member, Host Rep
    edited August 2012

    @Sashi said: isn that just a fancy name for OpenVZ or Xen or KVM or vMware? Lol

    Whats the diff? they are all the same arent they?

    A vserver won't give you access to all cores would they.. that is depending on the host

    They are all different virtualization types.

    OpenVZ and vServer are container based where they both use the host's kernel.

    Xen, KVM, and VMWare are "true" virtual servers where they run their own kernel and are self contained.

    The amount of cores depends on the provider and this, like other resources, can be adjusted.

  • Worth having a look at some of the SSD providers & just run the MYSQL on the same box. RAMNode, SSDVirt, Hositgation also has SSD powered cache so they are worth a look too.

    There's plenty more, I would highly recommend signing up to a few & testing yourself rather than just relying on our advice.

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  • @serverbear, I've tried a ton already actually, and I might just go with a "big" plan (512MB - 1024MB ram) and then just use one box for everything

  • winstonwinston Member
    edited August 2012

    Doesn't BuyVM have SSD caches now?


  • flyfly Member
    edited August 2012

    if you really want speed, lfcvps is really good.

    I would recommend their denver location, as montreal is still getting its kinks worked out

  • @fly pricey

  • @Sashi

    Email them and see if they'll work with you, I have a 256 and 512 and have zero complaints. The plans included backup and DNS with the account, backups alone are worth it for me. I did catch both on their promo though.

  • Here's all the VPS' I've tested the IO on so far:

    Adding FIO tests to our script this week.

  • @serverbear neat site, interesting statistics on there (surprising as well)

  • Nick_ANick_A Member, Top Host, Host Rep

    Thanks for the mention @serverbear

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