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Webuzo ?
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Webuzo ?


Well I have used Webmin/Virtualmin myself many times in the past. Never used webuzo myself. However, I am setting up a server for a friend of mine who is looking for a free panel to manage usual tasks. Since he is going to use (LNMP) and Virtualmin doesn't seem to have native support for Nginx, I am considering Webuzo.

Anyone here using it??? How is that compare to Webmin/Virtualmin?
I know it's not free but it's certainly cheaper than cP /Plesk / DA.
Or you think using Virtaulmin will be better / fine. (They have a work around for nginx in the forum)



  • I just started using webuzo on my delimiter server. It was easy to install (3 lines) and it is free for personal use you just have some limited features compared to the paid version.

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  • UmairUmair Member
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    @thedarkfox said:

    How it is compared to Virtualmin/Webmin ?

  • Last week I tried out Virtualmin with their easy to follow guide for Nginx use - and I was really surprised with how well Nginx worked with Virtualmin.

  • I tried lot of free panels. I think Webuzo is the easiest panel. It's very easy to install (less than 5 minuses) and no need difficult configuration. You can try it for admin demo: and . I have no idea why the current language of enduser demo is not English, it was English.

  • +1 for Webuzo, been using it for almost a year. Very easy and has almost all options when compared to other paid panels. Nginx is as easy as a click.

  • Remember, need nginx-proxy if we want .htaccess still work.

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    Webuzo is really great. I've been using it for a while now. I can't believe that its free. (free version)

    I think it's not well known because most people think it's just to install apps.

    But it comes with a lot of the same functionality as cpanel and it's free :)

  • Just a point to add that Webuzo is a single user control panel

  • @virtualizor said:
    Just a point to add that Webuzo is a single user control panel

    Yeah ... I am just looking for a panel that gives one user to mange domains, mysql, backups and also use Nginx as web server.

    I guess I will roll out a VM and test it myself.

  • @Umair said:
    I guess I will roll out a VM and test it myself.

    There is a trial available. You can test it for free.

  • We provide Webuzo for our customers. Webuzo has been chosen as a cheap and stable panel, that provides a lot of features. You can try it out over here:

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