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Help: Setting IPv6 as NS in WebHosting Panel.
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Help: Setting IPv6 as NS in WebHosting Panel.

MikeInMikeIn Member
edited August 2012 in Help

Can some of you suggest me (for my personal use) any free WebHosting Panel which do have proper support IPv6 properly, as because I want to use the 2 IPv6 given by VPS provide, for setting up NS.

I have tried Kloxo, but it only showed me IPv4 IP address for setting up NS(DNS).
Or is there any way to do some editing in the config files so that I can Use the IPv6.

Unfortunately I have a poor Knowledge relate to Linux and specially when it comes to Command's :(

Also when I checked Webmin I realized that I need to be more knowledgeable to use it properly, though it provides a lot of functionality..

So can Some one suggest me any free (other than webmin in specific) Webhosting panel. Or Hoe to do it in Kloxo.

Or it's all right to use 1 IP address to create 2 virtual NS in kloxo.


Also thanks to LEB & LET users/members for helping me out in past as Well. :)


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