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transfer VPS
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transfer VPS

is it possible to transfer a vps to another vps with the same specs?
i think with rsync, but can i trsnfer a complete vps with that? so also running programs etc?


  • What type of virtualization? OpenVZ Or KVM?

    You should be able to get your provider to get you a dump of an OpenVZ container.

    Not sure about KVM as many things come into factor, maybe someone else can way in with that knowledge.

  • On KVM you can copy everything to a disk image, boot your new VPS from a live cd and copy everything to the disk, then change network settings for the new IP.

    On OpenVZ some providers will give you a vzdump file, or the contents of your VPS /vz/private bit.

    Don't count on being able to restore all your files, and as with anything make sure you have good backups, then if anything fails restore from backups!

  • openvz
    i wanted to transfer my buyvm from US to LU, but @fransisco doesn't do transfers

  • just out of mind:

    1. schedule maintenance
    2. close down as many services on the old and new VPS as possible, which could probably write to hdd while transferring (mail/mysql)
    3. rsync whole contents to new vps into an empty dir, don't forget to exclude /dev /proc /sys... and something like --partial --numeric-ids is helpful
    4. find and replace old IP with new IP in all files of rsynced /etc with something like
      find --type f -exec sed -i ...
    5. on new VPS move your folders one by one into the system, something like
      mv /etc /etc.bak && mv /newdir/etc /etc works fine for most of it (but don't move your /bin folders out of the way! ;-))
    6. reboot and if you're lucky everything works fine.

    use on your own risk ;-)

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