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FixedRoute - Dedicated IP VPN's from $15/year - NYC or Seattle - Today (31st Dec) Only!
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FixedRoute - Dedicated IP VPN's from $15/year - NYC or Seattle - Today (31st Dec) Only!

VPNshVPNsh Member, Host Rep

Hey LET,

So I'm sure a few of you will be aware of the EU VAT changes that are happening. If not, you can follow the thread on it here.

Due to this, we're offering up yearly dedicated IP VPN packages at FixedRoute so that EU clients don't have to pay VAT each month. Clients outside the EU can get hold of this offer as well, however we'll still be closing it off before we tick over to 2015 (UK time).

So, FixedRoute provides dedicated IP VPN services in New York City and Seattle. This all runs over OpenVPN, and we even bundle a Viscosity license for you to use (usually $9 alone), as their software is significantly more user friendly than the standard OpenVPN client.

Our Offer - Valid until 00:00 GMT 1st Jan 2015


You'll get your own IP address to use with this service, and can open up to 5 ports. Setup time on these packages is up to 48 hours, so please be patient.

If you've any questions, I'll be around here to answer them.


NOTE: Please leave any discussions regarding in the relevant topics. I'm more than happy to discuss anything regarding in the relevant topics. It should be noted that the service has been running to the standard expected for some time now.

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  • Are these dedicated IPs good for use with Netflix/Hulu etc?

  • said: NOTE: Please leave any discussions regarding in the relevant topics.

    Because new brand isn't related to all crap and false promises you served through last years with old brand? If that's the case did you obtain permission to post this?
    Also this offer does not fit to the rules. This brand is not in business for more than a year so 15/y can be max pricing.

    Someone must be fool to even consider you as his provider no matter what you say. Because we heard it all before.

  • jarjar Patron Provider, Veteran

    @GuanYu said:
    (quote fail)

    I do not see a rule about brands as opposed to providers. As you have demonstrated, you recognize that the underlying business has existed for more than a year. We've no indication that the staff here would disagree with that.

    As for the rest, well, at least recognize that Liam is not attempting to hide that is his. No cover up, no new account to trick people. Plenty of us had great service with and never had a problem. The problems many people had were unacceptable, agreed, and I've never seen Liam disagree with that.

    Great offer and hope all is going well!

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  • VPNshVPNsh Member, Host Rep

    @Nekki said Are these dedicated IPs good for use with Netflix/Hulu etc?

    As of right now, yes. Obviously they try to crack down on things such as VPN usage, however if they do then we'll do whatever we can to get it working again. Based on previous experience, I don't think it's likely that any issues will.occur within the next 12 months - but at the end of the day it's fairly difficult to predict.

    I have permission from Maarten to post VPN offers, and as far as I'm aware, the $15/year max is for shared and reseller hosting? If needs be I can remove the $20/year packages from here, however I'm under the assumption that this won't be a problem.

    Thanks @Jar, as you mentioned I'm happy to be open about issues that have occurred at There are topics about this and I'm happy to discuss things in there if you wish @GuanYu.

  • The offer/pricing is fine.

    Whilst a 'clean' streaming IP is of interest, I'm going to have to let others take the plunge on this one, and see how this service fares before diving in myself.

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  • Really tempted, but just unsure with the past...

  • VPNshVPNsh Member, Host Rep

    @NickPerk said:
    Really tempted, but just unsure with the past...

    Things are running nice and smooth over at FixedRoute. It's also much less likely to have issues due to the much smaller number of servers, and clients being on dedicated IP's makes abuse issues so much easier for us to deal with.

    At the end of the day though, it's up to you. We're probably going to run one more yearly offering in February at a slightly higher price (due to VAT), however after that we have no intentions of running highly discounted yearly offers.

  • i heard the dns trick is not working for some service because it's using Google's dns and you can't change it. Unless you use iptables and a ddwrt router and forward

    I doubt they will block oversea users completely they making tons of subscription money. Only way i think will drastically will affect users are billing options.

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