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opentoeopentoe Member
edited December 2014 in Requests

Ok, all this hatred towards ColoCrossing is new to me, but I'm starting to see big differences in speed. I have two VPS's on CVP that are on Buffalo which I ran some speed tests with and they were pretty good. Then this new package I just ordered is in Atlanta, and the speed tests there were like %30 more faster than Buffalo. Do I even ask them to switch my other old nodes to Atlanta now? Pretty big differences on the speed performance. Is one area better than the other at ColoCrossing?

Can anyone (that's been already proven and reliable) come up with a 3GB - 100GB - 1GBIT port - 2IP's all for $5 month and have a WHM for $12? I would really switch over if the speeds are there and of course closer to NJ the better.


  • What speedtests are you using? Some people using speedtest-cli report slow speeds, but there are no good speedtest servers in the area (the LayeredServer one is only 100mbit!).

    I like Chicago and Atlanta better than Buffalo though.

  • said: speed tests there were like %30 more faster than Buffalo.

    Can you tell us what the difference means to you and how it will affect whatever you are going to use the VPS for?

  • @W1V_Lee said:

    Agreed, the biggest misconception here is that people think every link should have the same speed to X point in the world..

    It just doesn't happen like that there are so many factors...

    Also speedtest-cli is crap for servers it's more based around home connections IMO.

  • Indeed. There are two things here, well three.

    1. When 20mb/s is all you will ever need why care whether it fluctuates between 140-200mb/s

    2. You could switch to Atlanta and tomorrow it's slower than buffalo.

    3. With CVPS nodes the range of use means the it will constantly be a moving target in terms of speed testing.

  • I had my VPS's all switched to the NJ data center since the Buffalo center was just slow for me. Just downloading via FTP I would get 1MB/sec or less, but with the NJ servers I would get 6MB/sec. And I also ran speedtest-cli on several of the listed servers there and Buffalo was always around 100MB or less when downloading and NJ was always above 300+MB/sec. Not that confirms everything, but just from my home connection and the VPS connection itself to other outside sites, the NJ system was much faster, hence me having them moved to NJ. I'm not looking for perfection or %100 constant speeds for these prices, but overall speed I just found the NJ center to be quicker that's all.
    I actually still have one VPS left on Buffalo, so if you want me to run a speedtest-cli I can and post the results here if you want or interested.

  • jbilohjbiloh Administrator

    Due to the nature of the internet certain users will get better performance to one location vs another. That is one of the reasons we operate so many locations in North America. I am glad to hear you are having a good experience.

    Further, it should be noted that your shared VPS operated by ChicagoVPS, or any other hosting company, isn't a good representation of any of our networks. On a shared environment all of your resources are, well, shared. A dedicated server would be a better tool to make accurate comparisons.

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