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Christmas Giveaways - 2 ONLINE.NET Dedicated Servers for a week
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Christmas Giveaways - 2 ONLINE.NET Dedicated Servers for a week

Merry Christmas everyone! Today is the 25th of December in Netherlands, and although this is not the main point of Christmas, we have decided to copy Santa, except that the gifts are not permanent. For this reason, we are giving away 2 of's Dedibox WOPR SAS 2014v2 for exactly 7 days (from 25th December to the first of January). If you really need one of these for such period of time, please let me know in the comments and I will be happy to grant one for you for 7 days for free!


  • cassacassa Member
    edited December 2014

    Merry christmas!

    One week isnt pretty much, but hey its free

  • Merry Christmas @cassa! I agree with you, but I thought that one would need them for some experiments, especially that there's only 1 left in stock on I find it really a very interesting kind of server to be honest!

  • @Verelox

    Those are some interesting specs on that beast. One could only imagine what they would do to remotely put a dent in the uptime (fork bombs not allowed)

  • Merry Christmas. Would be cool to test this and collect some experience. Also because I want to get a smaller dedi from them. But its to short time for my projects to use it right. So I wouldn't use all power of this server and if someone got an awesome interessting project give it them else send me the details :P

    Thanked by 1Verelox
  • This may be an overkill. But I can use it install and test OBM open-source groupware.
    I will post a review and tutorial here.

  • Hey,

    Nice offer, I would love to test this out for building some raspberry Pi apps/distros fora upcoming project at my school "a hour of code for every student" we will invite primary schools over to use our pis and learn python however I need a machine to build some custrom images. a XC would do the job TBH

  • Thats really an interesting server. I'd use it compile some code and test multithreading. That should be a hell lot of fun with that hardware. So if not already taken I'd love to use it for a week (on vacation anyway)

  • vladka24vladka24 Member
    edited December 2014

    Yee, I'd like one. I'll turn 128 gigs of ram into a ramdisk and hold a bunch of temporary game servers. I'll also try installing Virtikick and just experiment.

  • Is it possible to renew it too? If yes, for how much?

  • Nice offer you got there. I would like to run gigablast search engine on your dedi

  • @cassa said:
    Is it possible to renew it too? If yes, for how much?

    You cannot renew the current given plan, but you may feel free to order a new one for 299.99 EUR monthly exc. VAT!

    I would also like to thank everyone who commented and apologize for these who were interested in the offer but didn't receive the details, I have sent the servers to sepei and mashokk369; but they can share the details when they no longer require them!

    Thanked by 1mashokk369
  • The obm groupware website is down. not many good sites for reference.
    I am giving up for the time being.
    I have PMed for returning the server.
    Thanks to @Verelox for giving me the chance.

    Thanked by 1Verelox
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