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UptimeVPS Cancellation Warning
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UptimeVPS Cancellation Warning

kristalkristal Banned
edited October 2011 in General

UptimeVPS is the best, just be careful when cancelling and make sure u choose the right option: cancel immediately or at the end of the billing period to avoid any problems later on :-)

and make sure to do a backup before cancellation request!!!

Thanked by 1drmike


  • Always backup your data before asking for cancellation ;)

  • Thanks for warning (I'm wondering if Ken will give you apology atleast)... but you didn't really lost some important datas, a? :)

  • kristalkristal Banned
    edited October 2011

    well i got backup from 10.10 so its not that bad. nothing critically important but still my bad for not making backup before requesting cancellation

  • May want to retag this thread with the providers name if you can still edit it.

  • I had exactly the same, couldn't login -> canceled end of billing period -> got instantly canceled.
    I created a ticket and asked for whmcs-credit, and they gave me just that.

  • Hmm, good to know for when I need to cancel the service.

    For now, I'm still keeping the windows box with them, and yes, I'm aware of the 10 hrs (?) downtime the other day. But for the pricing and the fact that I only use it for testing purpose and backups, I might stay for another month and see how things go.

  • kristalkristal Banned
    edited October 2011

    Ken is the best, always so helpful, how can we not love UptimeVPS ? :-)

  • you should have received a cancellation email confirming the cancellation selection either immedaite or end of billing whmcs sends it automatically. Check your inbox to see what it says

  • kristalkristal Banned
    edited October 2011

    email does not specify in details the type of cancellation:

    This email is to confirm that we have received your cancellation request for the service listed below.

    Product/Service: UV-1024 Windows 2008
    Domain: kkk

    If you requested immediate cancellation then the service will be terminated within the next 24 hours. If however you chose end of billing cycle, it will not be cancelled until 26/10/2011.

    Thank you for using UptimeVPS and we hope to see you again in the future.


  • shame sorry buddy honestly thought it would say, surely they are going to refund your remaining term at the very least.

  • Yes WHMCS doesn't specify in the mail what you choosed.
    Sad situation, maybe Ken can fix this?

  • kristalkristal Banned
    edited October 2011

    yeaaa Ken is great, i got 12 other services with uptime vps, refund received, thats what i call an excellent service :-)

  • if they are that excellent why would you need to cancel in the first place?

  • This goes for most providers.

  • @vampireJ

    sometime addicts buy just too much ;-)

  • Why you need to cancel your boxes? I just think to buy one...

  • Just to confirm I refunded the full amount in the end. Sorry

  • trazxtrazx Member
    edited October 2011

    wow I am very happy they refunded your amount, in my case it didn't turn out so favourably.

    I had cancelled about three days after signing up (definitely within the 7-day money back guarantee) and in fact I barely used the box, did a few typical i/o download tests on the vps and then incidentally there was some really bad downtime (over 36 hours at the time) and so I swiftly cancelled my account (received cancellation email on Oct 3). Exchanged emails with Ken, last of which was on the 7th of Oct, wherein he said 'Hi Lovely thank you. I shall check this shortly.'--in response to the detailed information I gave him concerning the refund ...and haven't heard from him since (I sent a follow-up email) and the ticket id that this whole conversation was under suddenly disappears as well (I have the emails as proof at least).

    With no word from Ken I escalated it into a paypal claim a few days ago.

    Now I don't want to throw accusations around, but i've had my share of LEB hosts running off with money (hostrail et all) and politely asked from my money back. Paypal refunds are effortlessly easy to do, there is no excuse that it should take so long. Either there is a mix up, or there is some deliberation in not giving me my the meagre dollars that I paid for the vps (which btw was great up until the downtime, and i just didn't have the confidence to remain with the host after so much downtime).

    Paypal is waiting for a response from Uptimevps at this stage.

    am I the only one experiencing difficulties getting my money back?

  • I've had them over a month, they're good. Hope they stick around

  • Just to inform you all. has been moved to

    Hopefully this will put an end to a lot of tittle tattle on whether we are going to do a runner or not.

  • daimonbdaimonb Member
    edited October 2011

    seems there is a 4 page thread on uptimevps on wht.

  • absolutely useless four pages. a boring guy talking about english skills and domain stories again.

  • lol did u read the 4 pages i couldnt be bothered reading past page one. lol

  • I read it. Can I submit them a bill for my time wasted?

    As to the last few posts currently, a proper website is a sign of professionalism. Always surprised that folks don't understand that.

  • InfinityInfinity Member, Host Rep

    I read two pages then got bored, but I have to say: If I owned UptimeVPS I'd actually properly defend my company rather than making short meaningless statements.

  • I'd actually properly defend

    if you over do it though, you sound like a pompous ass. Just ask BURSTNET. Make sure you use all capital letters when you do so. ;)

  • InfinityInfinity Member, Host Rep

    drmike said: if you over do it though, you sound like a pompous ass. Just ask BURSTNET. Make sure you use all capital letters when you do so. ;)

    Agreed but not smart ass 10 words comments.

  • uptimevps removed paypal as a payment method.

    i sense avalanche of cancellations rolling in

  • KairusKairus Member
    edited October 2011

    kristal said: uptimevps removed paypal as a payment method.

    i sense avalanche of cancellations rolling in

    I'm not even sure how a host could be okay with doing that, I imagine that for low end VPSes 90% of payments are made through PayPal. Even if their account was cancelled, it would be much better to work something else out like bringing a family member/friend in with another account just to keep business moving, even though that may be unprofessional, it's better than destroying your business in a month.

  • InfinityInfinity Member, Host Rep

    Yep, UptimeVPS is going to loose out big time..

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