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Whats the best Anti-malware(spyware) software out there now - and any good offers (like lifetime)
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Whats the best Anti-malware(spyware) software out there now - and any good offers (like lifetime)

myhkenmyhken Member
edited December 2014 in General

For some years, I always used Superantispyware to get rid of malware/spyware from computers.
Then I had a friend with lots of bad stuff on his computer, and Superantispyware did not manage to remove it. Then I got the tips about Malwarebytes, and I have used it all this year.
Got hold on some lifetime licenses from fileforum after a tip here at LET. But there is no lifetime offers out there (that I can find) thats in stock.

I have seen many ads for Emsisoft Anti-malware, do anybody think this is better then Malwarebytes? Emsisoft is pretty expensive so I don't now. Is it worth the price?

Are there other software like this that i worth looking at? They have to run on Windows Server 2012 and 2012 R2. (and of course Win7//Win8).

And are there any lifetime offers out there? Don't like to pay year by year. And if not, is there any really good offer on year to year plans that is recurring, not going up to normal price after one year.

I'm really happy with Malwarebytes, but I'm running out of licenses. So if anybody has a really good offer here, I'm will be really happy. Have found a 20% off first year offer, but I want a better offer then that. :D

PS! I know most of the software I'm asking for come in free versions. But I want the Pro editions, that can auto scan my computer and work in the background. Don't want to run manual scans.

Which anti-adware/spyware/antivirus do you use/recommend?
  1. Which anti-adware/spyware/antivirus do you use/recommend?42 votes
    1. Malwarebytes
    2. Bitdefender
    3. HitmanPro
    4. Ad-aware from Lavasys
    5. Microsoft Security Essentials
    6. SuperAntiSpyware
    7. Others
  2. Do you pay for your Antivirus/anti-adware/spyware software?42 votes
    1. Yes (pay for a full solution)
    2. No (only use free versions)
    3. Use free Antivirus, pay for anti-adware/spyware
    4. Use free anti-adware/spyware, pay for Antivirus


  • I use ClamWin and MSE, and haven't had any problem in 3 years. And they're both free.

    Thanked by 1myhken
  • Spybot Search & Destroy

    Thanked by 1myhken
  • shovenoseshovenose Member, Host Rep
    edited December 2014

    Bitdefender free edition for active protection
    malwarebytes free edition to scan analready infected computer

    I have never heard of emsisoft

    Thanked by 1myhken
  • Malwarebytes is good.

  • Have a look at Hitman Pro

    MBAM is a good piece of kit though, it's on all of my PC's along with Hitman Pro.

  • jeebus christ .. i guess i am getting old
    i have been in the industry 20+ years and have never heard these names
    i always went with avast and ms essentials when i managed 200+ workstations in the bay area.
    but i guess times are a changing.

  • +1 for Malwarebytes

    I can get Malwarebytes licenses for $5, PM me.

    Thanked by 2myhken ehab
  • @dammugly said:


    MBAM goes back to around 2008 I think. It is a good piece of kit, well worth looking in to.

    No - Avast is still my go to free AV!

    Thanked by 1myhken
  • @shovenose said:
    Bitdefender free edition for active protection
    malwarebytes free edition to scan an already infected computer

    I have now installed Bitdefender free edition on some of my computers, so will test if this is a good solution with Malwarebytes.

  • +1 for malwarebytes. malwarebytes can deal with some nasty malwares while some other antivirus can't.

    Thanked by 1myhken
  • Ad-Aware from

    Thanked by 1myhken
  • Attached a small poll, hope you can take your time to reply on it.

  • AVG, theres alot of websites that post free 30 day codes, plus after your 30 days expires, you get another 30 day trial. I have had premimum for about 3 years, without ever paying a penny.

  • Do you then recommend AVG + etc Malwarebytes, or do AVG have full protection?

  • Ever since I started using Sandboxie and NoScript, without any antivirus software at all, I have not had any malware.

    Now I can even willingly execute malware and browse malicious sites with no harm.

    Thanked by 1sepei
  • @myhken said:
    Do you then recommend AVG + etc Malwarebytes, or do AVG have full protection?

    Malwarebytes is a terrible virus protector, but its the best virus remover. AVG and malwarebytes work great together. If for some reason AVG doesn't detect a virus, most likely Malwarebytes will be able to remove it.

    Thanked by 1myhken
  • I have found out from several computers I have fixed last years, that people that run just Microsoft Security Essentials // Microsoft Defender (Win8.x)) and don't have a active anti-adware/spyware solutions, has lots of malware on their computers, trojans, spyware, adware etc. So MSE do not give any protection from this.
    So I'm looking for the best solution for both virus and adware/spyware, that do not cost to much money. But they have to be fully automatically since most of the people I know, forget to use the free version of Malwarebytes to scan their computers from time to time.

    And please vote on the poll.

  • dragon1993dragon1993 Member
    edited December 2014

    Kaspersky internet security my favorite

    Thanked by 1myhken
  • I use KIV + Malwarebytes. 100% protection so far for the last 6 years.

    Thanked by 1myhken
  • TransNOCTransNOC Member
    edited December 2014

    I recently purchased BullGuard for $15 for 3 computers for 1 year a day after Black Friday.

    I really like Buillguard for SoHo use, it's fast, accurate, lightweight, and includes a "vulnerability scanner" which is just local patch management.

    For anything enterprise or large scale I would consider Sophos Cloud.

    We recently obtained a federal employee organization as a customer and I'm seriously considering using QubesOS exclusively for systems management.

    Thanked by 1myhken
  • In my personal PC am using ESET NOD32 Antivirus.

    Thanked by 1myhken
  • NOD32

  • NyrNyr Member, Community Contributor

    They are mostly crap and scareware, to be honest.

    Thanked by 14n0nx
  • It's seems like people like to take their security serious, 52% i actually paying for a full security solution on their computers. I was sure there would be more "freebies" out there.
    But of course, security is important.

  • MicrolinuxMicrolinux Member
    edited December 2014

    Webroot + MBAM. Cheap on eBay et al.

  • ^ Using the same thing.

  • DarwinDarwin Member
    edited December 2014

    Where is the "none, I don't use that crap OS" option.

    Edit: when I needed to, I used only mse and it worked OK.

  • MSE only. I did use MBAM free but now they greyed out all of the advanced options so I removed it. I just use MSE now

  • Anybody that have access to a really cheap CCleaner Pro license?

  • I use ESET Smart Security (got a $10 openbox off Amazon) and Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium Lifetime Edition ($15 for a lifetime version on Newegg during sales).

    I also use Emsisoft Emergency Kit to scan every once in awhile.

    Thanked by 1myhken
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