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[IPXCORE] Thank you, LET! 256mb OVZ for $1.75/month! - Page 2
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[IPXCORE] Thank you, LET! 256mb OVZ for $1.75/month!



  • @jcaleb said: that is so cheap

    Yeah, hopefully they'll keep that pricing, perfect for backups.

  • how much of the additional ram?

  • @Damian;
    I followed the whole drama here and you did well so I signed up.

  • Followed all the drama that happened, was a very interesting fortnight.

    Glad everything is settled down, however i have no need for this offer, as I got my 32MB Upgraded quite cheaply.

  • I don't really need one, but I couldn't resist. :)

  • jcalebjcaleb Member

    Any benchmarks? I assume so many have availed this promotion....

  • jcalebjcaleb Member

    @Damian Sorry for noob. How do I order with upgrade options? Because if I pay first, then request upgrade later, that would be 2 payments?

  • subigosubigo Member

    Got one.

    Thanked by 1TheHackBox
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