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** Make a VestaCP Theme- Public Offer 250$ to the WINNER
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** Make a VestaCP Theme- Public Offer 250$ to the WINNER

Hi all ,
This is a public offer from me .. make a kick ass theme for vestacp .. and add in a few tweak ( i have some code i can help with )
and release it to the public under GPL
and i will pay you 250$

anyone interested to take me up on it ?

MODS: is there a better way to do this , feel free to help out .


  • BharatBBharatB Member, Patron Provider

    I can use bootstrap to make it responsive and can help you with that If you could guide me through the files.

  • @bharatb .. you need to play with vestacp first
    let me arrange a vm for you and install it for you

    anyone wanna donate a kvm vps for this ? if not pm me a good deal and cc bharat

    thanx guys

  • small update: a few very kind members of LET have contacted me and offered more resources. so if you are someone who can do this .. nows the time :)

  • @bharatb .. are you around ?

  • BharatBBharatB Member, Patron Provider

    Always when you need me.

  • The problem is Vestacp doesn't have any theming system, so whenever vesta update you will lose your theme.

    If you are really interested, I can develop a whole theming system by using
    By which designers would be able to design themes for vesta easily, and you will still get updates from vesta.

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