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braginhost Deleted my account after ALL DATA LOST during transfering my vps
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braginhost Deleted my account after ALL DATA LOST during transfering my vps Deleted my account after ALL 100G+ DATA LOST during transfering my vps

"Login Details Incorrect. Please try again."
"Lost Password Reset
No client account was found with the email address you entered“

but got their email "Invoice Payment Reminder" even now
"This is a billing reminder that your invoice no. 11635 which was generated on 26/11/2014 is due on 10/12/2014.

Your payment method is: PayPal

Invoice: 11635
Balance Due: $4.80 USD
Due Date: 10/12/2014"

"We are glad to inform you that our EU node customers was successfuly transfered and your new VPS IP are: xxxxx

We had to move all customers from Kiev node because of the new energy regulations.
To avoid downtimes, we moved all our customers out of that server and right now the server is migrating to Central Europe where it could work perfectly without down times.
Those of you who require European geolocation will have a chance to relocate back to central Europe within two weeks. Please accept our appologies for that.

Please also note that since now you can access your VPS settings through SolusVM here:

URL: https://xxxxx

If you have any troubles accessing the server - please don't hesitate to create a ticket and we'll be glad to help you out. All VPS servers are backed up in our storage just in case anything goes wrong.

Always with warm regards,
BraginHost's support team


some Ticket as following
"We had an hour meeting regarding your problem of data lost. Finally we found that rsync tool hasn't finished her job properly and the data were lost. Of course, it was up to our administrator to make sure that all data is transferred so it is comepletly our fault..

We don't have any backup saved on the side..

Those situations are unacceptable and I can't find anything what to say except that we are sorry for what happen..

Let me know if you would still be with us. The HDD can be set back to 150G - not a problem, but lost of data is a serious sin of our organization.."

"That is terrible for our reputatiion as well and I'm terribly sorry for that...

Do you want to stay in Dallas or you want to get tranferred to LA or Kiev?

Please let me know and thank you for staying with us, we learned the lesson and we should't repeat that again..

With regards,

"Please let me ask you two questions:

1) Do you want us to install you a new VPS from scratch in LA or transfer the current one?
2) We need a 5 minutes down time, when is the best time for you to perform it?

Also please note that LA node will experience an upgrade on Tuesday, there will be a 20 minutes downtime. There won't be any down time after that.

We don't provide any backup service for now but we are planning to activate it very soon, I'll force that topic and will let you know.

Please give me an answer for my two questions,
Thank you,

"I'm transferring the request ti technical team. I'm not sure if the root administrator is at the office Sunday night so if he couldn't perform the task now - the VPS will be transferred in about 7 hours from now when a working day begins.

I'll keep you informed.

then they ( are gone,never reply me again and deleted my account ....


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