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R1Soft + SolusVM + KVM
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R1Soft + SolusVM + KVM

ct_txct_tx Member
edited December 2014 in General

Hey All,

So, I was curious about how R1Soft works with SolusVM and KVM and wasn't able to find much discussion on the internet. I have SolusVM running with KVM. The documentation for SolusVM requires a / partition with ~100GB of space and the rest should be part of a logical volume group (LVG). My understanding is that when SolusVM deploys a virtual machine, it automatically creates a LV for that particular machine. On my server, I have 2, 1TB disks that are not in RAID configuration and have the following setup:

sda - contains / with ~100GB
sda - contains swap with ~4GB
the remainder of sda and sdb form a LVG of ~1.7TB

So, I was experimenting with R1Soft and here is what I found:

R1Soft recognized my disk setup and partitions (including the LVG), but only backed up the / partition which is ~100GB. Additionally, I have 2 VM's that use up ~350GB of the 1.7TB VG. R1Soft does not seem to back those up. A few discussion topics on this issue scattered on the Internet seem to suggest that R1Soft should backup the entire setup - it is not possible to restore individual files from a VM, but the VM in its entirety should be backed up. However, that does not happen in my case. I have checked and rechecked and all I see in R1Soft is the / partition that is ~100GB. Am I missing something here or is this the expected behavior of R1Soft?

Given this, I have an AutoFTP backup in SolusVM that pushes my KVM containers to an offsite FTP server. Given what I see with R1Soft, does it make sense then to:

  1. Use R1Soft to back the SolusVM server
  2. Continue to use SolusVM AutoFTP to backup my individual VMs to an offsite location

In the event of a disk failure, I would then

  1. First, restore my server using R1Soft
  2. Second, restore individual machines using the AutoFTP recover functions in SolusVM

I would appreciate your thoughts on this.

Thanks all!


  • Quick update: I was working with the good folks from R1SoftStorage who in turn worked with R1Soft to finally conclude that KVM containers are not backed up (at this time at least).

  • If you want to be able to restore files from the KVMs, then you need an R1Soft license for each KVM VPS you're running on the node - and need to individually setup backup policies for each one of them.

    Otherwise you can continue using the node's Automatic FTP backup, and use R1Soft to backup your node's installation. So in case of a disk failure you'll restore your node's backup using R1Soft and then the KVMs from SolusVM's FTP backup (exactly as you mentioned in your initial post).

    Thanked by 1ct_tx
  • Yes, that seems to be the best option. I wish R1Soft would backup KVM containers too. It works really well and results in minimal loads on the server. However, for the time being, it seems like R1Soft for the node installation and AutoFTP for each KVM will probably work. Good to know that you concur with this strategy. Many thanks.

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