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I want to resell a OVH 2013 Server(Get 256iPs with one-time setup fees)
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I want to resell a OVH 2013 Server(Get 256iPs with one-time setup fees)

8QE8QE Member
edited December 2014 in General

This OVH server comes with E5-1650(6 Cores, 12 Threads), 64GB DDR3 ECC, 2x2TB HDD, 1Gbps Unlimited, Free 256 iPs(Per iP requests 2EUR one-time fees and i have purchased 7IPs), it will be overdue after 6 Days, my total costs for this server are 6iPs = 12EUR + 1 Month = 90EUR. I can push it to you with administrator contact( You are direct to manage/renew this)
I want to sell it to 25EUR( 30USD )
Please PM me if you want this.



  • I though that you had purchased a server from OVH and giving away a /24 for free.

    The title is confusing, sadly.

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  • AnthonySmithAnthonySmith Member, Patron Provider

    So it actually comes with 7 IP's and if you want more they are not free, the server cost to you is €102 p/month in total and you want only €25 for it?

    None of this makes sense, maybe re write your advert?

  • Basically he has 5 days left in a contract after which he will cancel it anyway, so he is trying to get some of his money back

  • aj123aj123 Member


  • I suspect the server from 2014 is no longer available.

  • angstromangstrom Moderator

    @aj123 said:

    Holy necro

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