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Asking about Edis vServer Load
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Asking about Edis vServer Load

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I setup a Munin for monitoring several vpses, but the weird one goes to my Edis vServer in Iceland.
There were once Benchmark done by me using Geekbench, and after that, the load goes to 3, and reduced to 2.
Now, it always at 5 and increasing.

It's just for serving my Munin Server at NodeSnap. As for my Edis Munin pages goes here

Is it normal for a vServer? Or is there something wrong with my vps?


  • @ErawanArifNugroho said: Is it normal for a vServer? Or is there something wrong with my vps?

    vServer shows the load of the whole node, so you're fine.

  • Ah.. Thank you for the explanation. This is the firs time I'm using vServer.
    I just rebooted this morning, but still shows the same :D

  • qjqqjq Member

    the load is dependent on the number of cores. a load of 5 is low considering that you have 16 or 24 cores

  • Yes, that is pretty normal - We run 24 cores so any load under 24 is usually not a problem and we waim to keep the nodes under 10 in general (since I/O wait gets high then).

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  • yomeroyomero Member
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  • Sorry for the late reply :D Just arrived at home from work.

    I'm asking because the load is increasing, and I don't want to be an abuser on the node :D

    So, because that is normal, and I'm in a node with 24cores, I guess I will ignore it.

  • @ErawanArifNugroho said: load is increasing

    This means there are more ppl there, normally, nothing to worry about :)
    I know how you feel because i do the same, watch the loads because I dont want to hear from the hosts :P

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