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eNetSouth - Birmingham Wicked Fast I/O KVM (768MB) + 2GB/40GB/1000GB OpenVZ - Huge deals!! - Page 2
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eNetSouth - Birmingham Wicked Fast I/O KVM (768MB) + 2GB/40GB/1000GB OpenVZ - Huge deals!!



  • Its been 2 days since my VPS went offline! I didn't notice, as my monitor was this VPS. FML!

  • Today open paypal dispute,this not serious

  • TheIceMasterTheIceMaster Member
    edited October 2011

    Here, the last ticket reply was on the 14th: «we are currently investigating a routing issue in that datacenter». Since then, their edge router has become unresponsive («unpingable») and nothing goes through.

    For the price, I can live with the occasional hiccup although its bad timing since I just joined but I really hate the silent treatment as if nobody cared. A simple announcement in their control panel would have been nice if they didn't want to reply to every ticket...

  • duhduh Member

    The outage appears to be limited to the Birmingham datacenter (ovz3).

    Brandon, you have a Twitter account at least -- you could post status updates.

  • duhduh Member

    Looks like ovz3 is back up as of this writing. The VMs were apparently all running continuously in the interim, as I just received a bunch of cron mail.

  • My VPS on OVZ3 is up too.

  • Mine on OVZ3 is also up but still no news/ticket reply nor virtio drivers enabled to fully test the VPS and hopefully improve on the network performance (~3-3.5MB/s average).

  • My KVM is still down, 4 days, with no reply to tickets... Time to open a paypal dispute?

  • TheIceMasterTheIceMaster Member
    edited October 2011

    @NickBudi: Mine was in a shutdown state when connectivity was resumed but was bootable, have you checked your SolusVM panel?

  • @TheIceMaster: They are back online today, that's good news, still no ticket response for the past 5 days though.

  • Hello guys!
    I am a newbie in NETWORK's WORLD, but I like to learn so much.
    Some time ago I contract a server in Egypt to test (it was very cheap, but did not work very well).
    So, for this (and my experience), I'd like to ask about this offer:
    "eNetSouth KVM 768MB -- Extreme I/O package! (See test below w/ Virtio)
    Datacenter: eNetSouth One - Birmingham, AL
    RAM: 768MB
    Storage: 40GB
    Bandwidth: 1000GB
    CPU Cores: 4

    Price: $7.00 /month or $20.00 /quarterly"


    1. If it is using KVM, I can install WINDOWS inside it, right?

    1. WHY, IN ALL OFFERS, "OPENVZ" plans, with the same PRICES and specs (storage and traffic) have MORE RAM ?

    "eNetSouth OpenVZ 2.0GB
    RAM: 2048MB / Burst: No Burst"

    In this case, it is 2.0Gb in spite of 768Mb. \o/

    1. FOR LINUX, WHY USE "KVM" if you can get "MUCH MORE MEMORY" using "OpenVZ"?
      In my case, if I were going to use Linux (maybe CentOS5 - because Kloxo only work until this version), looks like more smart to use "OpenVZ" than "KVM".

    Can anyone help me with this?

    I want to contract this offer to make tests.

    Maybe, it were better to install in a VmWare inside my machine to test before and learn in my own machine, maybe not.

    If you have books or articles (I read some Wikis and Wikipedia) about this, please if you could give me names or links, I will appreciate it.

    Thank you!
    Have a nice weekend!

  • No answer after all this time?
    Good to know I did not spend my money...

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