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Help us with Beta testing - Free OpenVZ VPS for testing



  • @aveline said: Someone has rebooted...

    What kind of virtualization is this?

  • avelineaveline Member, Patron Provider

    @HalfEatenPie As you see, OpenVZ.
    I'm debugging the daemon so I turned off auto start and run it as a normal program ...

  • pcanpcan Member

    The control panel issue on Internet Explorer has been solved.

    VPS disk speed is good, about 260 MB/s on my tests. I guess that a big write cache has been enabled on the controller or iSCSI stack, because disk write speed on RAID6 is usually lower. Random I/O disk speed is also good. Do you use a hardware iSCSI SAN?

    The ubuntu-10.04-minimal_i386 template is slightly broken (apt-get upgrade command fails), but regolar ubuntu 10.04 template works.

    Thanked by 1AvelineSwan
  • avelineaveline Member, Patron Provider

    @pcan We're using Oracle Linux Server release 6.3 & SCST as our iSCSI SAN.

    iSCSI Target Server Hardware:

    Xeno L5420 (8 Cores)

    MegaRAID RAID Controller with 512MB Cache
    8GB Memory
    2 x 1Gbps NIC
    2 x 10Gbps InfiniBand

    The ubuntu-10.04-minimal_i386 template is a templated contributed by community, I'll remove it later.

    Thank you.

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